No charge for this re RedHot 3.0, scrolling and carpel tunnel (Open RedHot Thread)

We, the unwashed masses that mob this site, want to comment on anything and everything that gets said, and especially now that the 3.0 front page is a two column tunnel vision (instead of the clear view of all that mattered 3 column 2.0), same includes RedHots.

Neil, it would be news if Obama and the Der Speigle MSM ran a truthful headline on the Iraq War. But yes, lets call them out for the lies 24/7. (See, I couldn’t wait for a directorgod to state what I know!, hence, this open REDHOT thread)

The main problem with 3.0 is that it requires more scrolling. And folks, the Book was an improvement over scrolls!

The tracker was better on 2.0. We have no way to know of new posts on blogs, other than ones to our comments, unless we memorize the number of comments and click.


My hand hurts. I’m tired. I think I’ll do something else. Something not Redstate.

The big improvement some cite here is that its easier to post a blog. Fine. But the bulk of our TIME (something you can’t get back once its gone) is on responding to comments, and with 2.0 it was such a luxury to be able to know of same and get to them.

I miss my old friend.

Moreover, the list of comments is so short.

Also, wondering why so many blogs are being written that get no comments and fall off the page so fast? The answer was in the question.

Rant over.

But really, I know this version 5 of my job application for Redstate will go unheeded, and that we aren’t going back to Eden, BUT you really should have a way for us non-directors to respond to your, now, presumptuous Oracle-like (see also NRO Corner) RedHots.

Especially when you have havetoberedhotallthetimetoservicethehenhouse rooster commenter on the ready.

God Bless, and I appreciate all the hard work by Neil and everyone else.

But I love Me and my time more.

No charge.