"Let them eat cake" Democrats

By Mike DeVine, Legal Editor for The Minority Report and The HinzSight Report

The crisis can’t wait till Inauguration Day, 2009. America is not a TV show whose plot hinges on what camera angle CNN decides to use to make McCain look old and short and Obama look like he has a clue.

Americans are hurting and the fact that we haven’t had two consecutive quarters and can shout “Recession!” to the rooftops, ain’t filling the tank for a trip to Myrtle Beach or leaving enough dough after a trip to the Exxon Station to buy the Leseur peas instead of the Kroger brand. Grandma in Rome, GA still misses seeing the grand kids in Atlanta most weekends since she lives more than a few blocks away.

Democrats speak of windmills as Rome burns.

Millions of Americans are in pain. America faces a crisis that the Democrat party has manufactured for the sake of Green money as surely as Judas betrayed Christ for the silver variety.

As JKF said in from the Oval Office as Blacks were being bloodied on bridges and hosed down in cities bridges led to, the issue is essentially a moral one, as old as the scriptures. I wish, as FDR admonished in much, much worse times, that all we had to fear was fear itself, but unlike the Republicans of the 1930’s, the national Democratic Party of the 21st century naughts is morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Yes, rational Americans should fear the let them eat cake Democrats in Washington.

President Bush, you and your GOP congressmen should have called out these vile people for their unpatriotic, enemy emboldening speech that caused more Americans to be killed before the surge in Iraq. You all should have called them out and shamed them live on Hannity & Colmes.

Now you can redeem yourself.

President Bush, we have a crisis. Americans are hurting. You know that if Congress passed laws unleashing the free market in oil, refineries and nuclear plants, that the price would fall and non-college educated men and women would find great paying jobs in abundance.

For God’s sakes, we are the United States of America. Quaker State was discovered here. Panama Canal. Model T’s are USA. I-85 from Nawlins thru Atlanta and on to I-95 weren’t scrubbed because it couldn’t be finished in 24 hours. Sargent York saved France. Patton saved Italy. MacArthur saved South Korea. Man on Moon. Berlin wall fall.

Get on the tube Mr. President. An economic 911 is destroying the American dream for people without limousines, today!

You rose to the occasion to defeat the enemy that attacked us on 911. They are now reduced to bootleg doctored videos twice a year. Bob Woodward’s book shows that you immediately identified the enemy and that it was war only minutes after the 911 attacks.

Mr. President, you know who the enemy is now. You have pleaded for more oil drilling since you took office in 2001. Your “New Tone” has not tamed the savage Donkey beast. Yes, by all means, please revere the office you occupy.

But sir, the Democrats are causing Americans to lose their non-Oval Offices.

Sir, call them out. They are waging war on the poor and middle class and small business, and ultimately the economic vitality of this country and they have, are and can do serious damage before you leave office.

Mr. President, please be that One man with courage that makes a majority. The majority is waiting.

ACT! Damn the tone. The kids need to hear Grandma’s tones in Rome.

And fellow Republicans, there is nothing wrong with couching the argument as a plea to help the lower and middle income families. We are not compromising principle and policies or pandering by stating the fact that conservative free market capitalism is good for America, especially including middle America and the poor. In fact, we should and must if we want to translate the fact of a country that is center right to have a government that is center-right.

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