Pull a Gamecock: GC Recommends that Recommenders post a comment

Every time I recommend a blog on this Beta-Redstate 3.0, I post a comment alerting the diary writer and the general public. I usually did that on 2.0, but it is imperative that we do it here at the “improved” site since the site does not identify recommenders.

Moreover, there is ZERO stability in the order of the recommended diaries. They jump around from minute to minute or disappear altogether. And since human nature is still 1.0, I suspect either a dysfunction or a heretofore undisclosed new policy diminishing the prominence and importance of user diaries.

So let’s pull a Gamecock (see also Jackson) and CROW like a rooster when we recommend a diary. Let’s be scores of one men with courage making majorities. Let’s vote with a

(fill in your name if you wish) Recommended comment

Mine look like this:


(With variations depending on the specific circumstance)

And BTW guys, all of our blogs on 2.0 have vanished. Will we get them back and, if so, when?

Again people, don’t just hit the recommend button for blogs. Follow up by pulling a Gamecock (as opposed to pulling a Kowalski to reply to your own comment) and writing out a comment alerting the site of your recommendation.

You will not be pecked by the rooster, so have no fears.

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