The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and The First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech

The First Amendment and the freedom of speech and other rights it affords us are rights we, as Americans, cherish as part of our heritage. We believe firmly in our rights and expect our elected representatives to preserve and defend those rights against all efforts to destroy or erode them whether by internal or external threats. Many see Obamacare as an erosion of our freedom of choice and believe it represents government intrusion into the lives of individuals. It is simply inherent in the nature of government to overreach its authority to satisfy the convenience of an issue at hand. Rank and file citizens have little defense against such transgressions no matter how intentional or unintentional they may be. If you add external threats into the mix then fear for the preservation of our rights become twofold. Assaults against our rights from outside may be harder to defend against than internal threats.

We have cause to fear an assault on our freedom of speech from outside our own borders. Our President and Secretary of State are fully aware of what others, myself included, see as a threat to freedom of speech and U.S. sovereignty. The President and Secretary, without any apparent opposition from Congress, are in fact participating in an initiative called The Istanbul Process. The Istanbul Process is an effort by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to somehow restrict or modify free speech that is critical or derogatory toward Muslims and Islam. The OIC’s effort against free speech is mostly aimed at Western Society and the U.S. in particular. President Obama has said that the U.S. will not commit to any restriction against our freedom of speech. The President’s statement is little comfort considering the potential harm to our freedoms and his willingness to engage in discussions about limits on free speech as presented by the OIC. Once OIC has a foothold and influence over American rights and legislative process it will chisel away until freedom of speech and other rights are but a shell empty of meaning and enforcement by U.S. law.

We have too much to lose by not voicing our opposition to this “Istanbul Process” to our elected representatives. Let’s let them know that we still value freedom of speech and other rights too much to let foreign countries and organizations begin to interfere with our rights as Americans.

If you would like more information on The Istanbul Process to curtail American free speech follow the links below.