Santa averts Christmas Eve work stoppage.

Santa has apparently averted a reindeer strike that would have threatened gift delivery on Christmas Eve. Rudolph, Comet and Blitzen threatened the strike and appointed Donner as negotiator on their behalf. Once Donner presented the demands that he said justified the strike, Santa immediately broke off negotiations and flew (by commercial airline) to Muleshoe, Texas. While in Muleshoe, he will recruit and train a team of Texas mules to fly his sleigh on Christmas Eve. Santa issued a press release advising everyone that the only difference of reindeer delivery versus Texas mule delivery would probably be a loud braying sound rather than sleigh bells and that the mule delivery would be faster. Meanwhile back at the North Pole, his reindeer have been desperately trying to contact Santa to let him know that the strike has been called off. Santa has said he will not respond until sometime after Christmas Day. At a later date Santa will conduct a contest in which he will accept suggested names for his Texas mule team.

Santa wishes to remind us that above all else Christmas should be celebrated as the birthday of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.