Striking a Chord

We’ve heard all the arguments (if you can call them arguments) – she’s stupid, she’s a religious zealot, she’s a stupid.  I must be talking about Sarah Palin, right?  No, but we’ve all heard those ersatz arguments against the former governor of Alaska as well.  No, I referring to the only woman who has DECLARED her candidacy for President – Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

While Barack Obama is given a free pass for every gaff, Bachmann is derided by the media for being inarticulate and lacking gravitas.  Now someone who takes himself quite seriously, the New Yorker’s John Cassidy, has called out Bachmann as as Nazi:

From National Socialism to Poujadism to the Tea Party, the suggestion that the motherland needs reclaiming from alien forces has been central to populist right-wing movements. This was clearly what Bachmann was driving at when she commented in 2008 that President Obama “may have anti-American views,” and, even though she’s since expressed the wish she had expressed herself differently, her supporters get the message loud and clear.

Could Bachmann really win the nomination? As a Tea Party supporter, an evangelical Christian, a crusader against gay marriage, a critic of virtually all government programs save the military, and a rabid anti-taxer, she clearly has a message that resonates with several wings of the Republican Party. And with Palin seemingly intent on sitting out the race, Bachmann has the opportunity to become the “not-Mitt” candidate.

I’ll admit that Poujadism threw me for a loop.  I had to look it up.  It turns out that Poujadism is a slightly more activist version of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB). Protesting taxes?  Evidently, Pierre Poujade was “Tea Party” before Bachmann was even born.  I think Bachmann’s supporters can live with that one.  But Nazi?  C’mon.

Reading Cassidy’s piece we can all see what is in store for Bachmann, and any other candidate that advocates values that are the least bit conservative.  She didn’t attend an Ivy League school.  While an attorney, she went to law school at ORAL ROBERTS UNIVERSITY.  She was a practicing tax attorney, but committed the unforgivable sin of abandoning her career to raise her family.

Liberal elites like Cassidy simply can’t understand the simple facts that we all didn’t go to Prep School, attend Ivy League colleges, or live and work in the twin Mecca’s of the Northeast Corridor or the Left Coast.  Politicians like Bachmann share many of the same values of those in the South and Midwest who practice the ridiculous traits of working hard, raising your kids and going to church on Sunday.  The fact that such a candidate might actually beat a Republican like Mitt Romney for the nomination or “Mother Goddess forbid”, unseat the secular messiah from the Oval Office.

Will Bachmann win the GOP nod?  Certainly not if the mainstream media has anything to say about it.  Of course, they thought they would stop Ronald Reagan in 1980.  While I’m not comparing Bachmann to Reagan, there is no doubt that she possesses more Reaganesque traits than man of her opponents; not the least of which is the near universal fear, disguised as dismissal, of writers like Cassidy.


G. A. Harrison is the Managing Editor of Salisbury News.