Wait until Obama finds out about this

How long until Karl Marx Jr. finds out about this wonderful idea. Since healthcare is a right and not a responsibility according to “that one,” it seems the next logical step in his big brother, socialist, revolution, is to not just give people access to healthcare but PAY them to get it. This is ridiculous! If people don’t care enough about their health to visit a physician then they should face the consequences of that decision, hence the responsibility. This is just another example of socialist thinking that government knows best. We are heading down this road people. McCain must defeat Obama; there is just too much at stake.

The blurb below is from www.advisoryboard.com.


Great Britain’s North East Essex Primary Care Trust is considering a plan to pay unhealthy people to visit their primary care physician, the Daily Mail reports. The plans are detailed in a report the trust discussed last week, which cites studies in Mexico that found incentives may persuade people “at high risk” to visit their physician. According to National Health Service (NHS) managers, spending a small amount now in the form of an incentive could save the NHS money in the long run by helping to curb diabetes, heart disease, and weight-related problems. The director of health at the trust says the incentives could be in the form of cash payments or a voucher, such as for a mobile phone. However, some critics say the plan is “tantamount to bribing patients” and that the resulting influx of patients may make it difficult for residents to secure an appointment with a physician. If the idea is successful, however, the Mail reports that it may be introduced to other parts of the country (Martin, Mail, 10/2).