Great news: financial update on Kansas races (2nd, 3rd, Senate).

As the second quarter comes to a end, some of the financial reports for candidates have become public.

And the news was tremondous for Republicans, and more importantly, conservatives.

I’ll start with the biggest story:

3rd district: The likely challenger to six-term Democratic incumbent Dennis Moore out-raised him, $480,000 to $336,000. Nick Jordan, who still has to win the August 5th primary (though there’s not a serious challenger), “got a boost…when President Bush appeared as the guest of honor at a private event on his behalf.”

The $480,000 raised was “the single largest fund-raising quarter in Kansas history for a Congressional candidate,” according to StayRedKansas.Althought Moore has been in office for twelve years, his district voted for Bush +11 twice. The fundraising totals suggest that maybe the voters want — gasp — a change, a change to the right. And Jordan is a strong conservative.

2nd district: Jim Ryun received more contributions than opponent Lynn Jenkins did, but he spent it just as fast — or faster. In the past quarter, he received $447,000 and spent $683,000. Ryun has put a ton of ads on the air — though none dealing with drilling.

Jenkins raised $134,000, spending all but $3,000 of that. Jenkins, with $489,000, has more than double the amount of cash on hand than Ryun, $220,000.

The Democrat they will be facing, Nancy Boyda, has $891,000 cash on hand.

U.S. Senate: Pat Roberts, up big in the polls, out-raised Jim Slattery by $300,000.

The 1st and 4th districts are safe conservative seats.