Finally, Something for which Obama Really Should Apologize...

…his Secretary of Homeland Security insulting our northern neighbor:

Can someone please tell us how U. S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano got her job? She appears to be about as knowledgeable about border issues as a late-night radio call-in yahoo.

Wait a minute, I thought we voted out the late-night radio call-in yahoo’s back in November…

In an interview broadcast Monday on the CBC, Ms. Napolitano attempted to justify her call for stricter border security on the premise that “suspected or known terrorists” have entered the U. S. across the Canadian border, including the perpetrators of the 9/11 attack.

In the classic case of “Hole, Meet Shovel”, Madam Secretary kept digging:

Informed of her error, Ms. Napolitano blustered: “I can’t talk to that. I can talk about the future. And here’s the future. The future is we have borders.”

Ouch…and Heh.  Unfortunately, Madame Secretary hasn’t learned that the purpose of blowing smoke is to cover a retreat, not hang a bell around it.  I’d laugh at her, her PR team, and her memo-drafting cronies, except that even Keystone Kops carry badges and truncheons.