Another Obama Nominee is Anti-Gun Rights

From the diaries by Erick.

President Obama has nominated David Michaels to be the assistant secretary for OSHA and is just another in the list of Obama nominee/appointees to be anti 2nd Amendment. After the Virginia Tech tragedy Michaels wrote:

In the U.S., we see an average of one gun-related homicide every 45 minutes, or 32 each day.* These are usually treated as isolated incidents, until a horrific event like the Virginia Tech massacre reawakens the public and strengthens public health advocates who are attempting to prevent gun violence.

That’s what has just happened in Georgia. There, legislation that would allow employees to keep guns in workplace parking lots went down to an unpredicted defeat.  Of course,  the National Rifle Association “never stopped arm-twisting Georgia lawmakers,” an Atlanta Journal-Constitution editorial reports.

As Walter Olson at overlawyered.com notes:

That’s by no means irrelevant to the agenda of an agency like OSHA, because once you start viewing private gun ownership as a public health menace, it begins to seem logical to use the powers of government to urge or even require employers to forbid workers from possessing guns on company premises, up to and including parking lots, ostensibly for the protection of co-workers. In addition, OSHA has authority to regulate the working conditions of various job categories associated with firearms use (security guards, hunting guides, etc.) and could in that capacity do much to bring grief to Second Amendment values. [emphasis added]

This is another left winger intent on taking power from citizens and shredding the Constitution. Be sure to tell your senators to vote no on this guy.

* Thanks and credit to the National Association for Gun Rights who originally brought this issue to my attention and found the articles and quotes above.