Bill Ayers saw something in Obama he liked and wanted to promote

[I posted this in a comment earlier but wanted a Diary on it as well.]

When Bill Ayers (a known terrorist who states that he wants to radicalize America and its students) was given $100 million dollars who did he see as a person who would help carry out that vision. When Bill Ayers wanted to help launch a political career, and lets be honest no one wants to help launch the political career of someone with whom they disagree, HE SAW BARACK OBAMA AS JUST THAT TYPE OF PERSON. It is not just Obama’s judgment that is called into question but also what is it about him, his nature, his politics, his ideology that Bill Ayers saw and liked so much he held fund raisers, invited into his home, and put him in charge of his projects.

It is one thing (as deplorable as it is) for Obama to have all of the interactions and relationships with Ayers but it is far another for the terrorist to have an interest in the advancement of Barack Obama. Ayers has always pushed his terroristic America hating causes throughout his life and when he had the opportunity he say Obama as a way to further that goal. Don’t misunderstand me I am not suggesting or insinuating that Obama is in any way a terrorist or that he hates America but merely that he is part of the far left fringe that wants to fundamentally alter America. One only needs to look as far as statements made by his spouse (proud of my country for the first time in my adult life, America is a mean country, etc.) to see that they view America as a place that needs to be fundamentally altered,* and it is in that aspect that I believe Ayers saw a comrade in arms.*