Robber Baron Democrats

Speaker Pelosi is blaming the GOP for failure to pass the bailout for the robber baron Democrats. She gave the “OK” for 5 committee chairs and allowed a dozen or more Democrats up for reelection to vote against the bill to scam their constituents back home into believing they voted against a stinking bailout that harms the hardworking taxpayers.

The Congressional Black, Progressive and Hispanic Caucus’ plus 94 other Democrats voted against the robber baron bailout because $500 million to ACORN and $200 million to La Raza was stripped from the bill and the Progressives wanted to nationalize the failed institutions. The Speaker conveniently leaves these turncoats out of the equation.

I believe the Speaker is speaking in forked tongues. We know John McCain co-sponsored the Reform Act S-190 in 2005 that would have prevented this very situation from happening. Barney Frank, chair of finance, Chris Dodd, chair of banking, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Senator Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats receiving political donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac blocked it.

“We the People…” have well known experts in business, economics, taxes, banking, finance and law who could be selected to form a committee. The committee should be comprised of an equal number of members from each political discipline with no political or investment connections who can save the economy and the taxpayers.

This is the link to “Directive 51” that gives authority to the President to declare “Martial Law” to recover from a national emergency. It should stop the hemorrhaging on Wall Street and Main Street until the correct formula is applied by experts and not by politicians.