A Hand Up...Not a Handout!

This isn’t a politically motivated or related post.  Just an attempt to get help out to more people who may need it.

Our church recently became involved with an organization out of Atlanta Georgia called Angel Food Ministries.  It is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that helps people get good food at a very low cost. The program started 14 years ago when the local pastor wanted to help the people in his area feed themselves when the local mills closed.  It has grown tremendously in the last 14 years and the need is still growing.  If you are active in a local organization and you want to help please take a look at this program. Your organization doesn’t have to be church related to get involved! All you need is a desire to help people in need.

LINK: Angel Food Ministries

We have been affiliated with them for four months now and the response has been amazing, overwhelming and heartbreaking!

I could write pages upon pages of the stories we’ve heard from the people we have taken orders from but my heart couldn’t handle it and it would be hard to type through the tears.

From families that have lost their main source of income through death or accident to those who have just lost a job, the stories just make me aware of just how blessed I am! The expressions of gratitude from these people is just overwhelming and sometimes it takes everything I have to keep from breaking down when I take the orders.The stories of having to chose between food and other necessities is overwhelming!

There are no qualifications to participate in the program, any one can purchase as much as they want. One measure of the need is the fact that the Depatment of Health and Human Services send people to us when they don’t qualify for assistance!

If you have it in your heart to help people and help them keep their dignity please take a look at this program.
The economy is in trouble and the numbers of people needing help will grow.
Many are called to serve but few are willing! I pray that some of you will find it in your heart to help.

From ME to you and now, hopefully, from you to those in need!