Continuing evidence of Democrat fundraisng "irregularities"!

In the all consuming quest to maximize campaign contributions the Democrat party seems to have come up with a new method.

An entry in Michelle Malkin’s site [Michelle Malkin – Obama Campaign Fraud] (http://michellemalkin.com/2008/10/22/obamas-donor-credit-card-fraud-problem/)cites a newsmax article by Ken Timmerman chronicling someones successful attempt to fool the system!

Obama Ignores Credit Card Donation Fraud

If this doesn’t raise serious questions about online fundraising I don’t know what will! With the ever increasing amounts of cash required ot mount a political campaign and the ‘ends justifies the means’ attitude of a certain candidate’s political campaign staff it’s not surprising that this is happening.

If this is the “Hope and Change” we’re going to get…I’ll go for the old tried and true!!!

McCain – Palin ’08