Mike Bouchard’s Plan To Reform Michigan’s Legislature

The state of Michigan and its government has been struggling the past seven years under the leadership of Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm. If you believe it hasn’t, then your either not from Michigan or you’ve been taking one super long nap. Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard and candidate for governor released a plan today that he hopes will help fix the legislature in Michigan:

Bouchard has proposed some of these changes in the past but today unveiled a more detailed plan that would:

  • Reduce the full-time Legislature to part-time, meeting 120 days every other year. Most states have a part-time legislature.
  • Eliminate all health insurance and pensions for legislators. The state would set up health care savings accounts for them, he said.
  • Lower legislative term limits from 14 years to 12 years but allow a lawmaker to serve up to 12 years in either the House or the Senate. Currently, House members are limited to three two-year terms and Senators are limited to two four-year terms. The change would require a constitutional amendment.

During recent years, Michigan has been a state struggling with high unemployment rates and finding it very difficult to pass a balanced budget on time. Therefore, I find the idea of implementing a two-year budget cycle with penalties for failing to meet the deadline a great idea. Props to Mr. Bouchard.

To find out more information on Mike Bouchard, click here.

Other Republican candidates for governor include: