Seeing Is Believing Pt. 2

So I was watching one of the cable news networks this morning and they
were doing an interview with a former member of SeAL team 6 and what he
said caused even more doubt. According to what he said and other info
that has been released, there was a scale model of bin laden’s compound
constructed for training purposes for this mission.

Now, what I’m getting at is, IF a video of Bin Laden’s death is ever
released or “leaked” how do we even know that it’s real?

The answer…we DON’T.

The entire scenario could have been staged, filmed and released in order
to make us THINK that it happened. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but
things just keep getting shadier and shadier with this whole situation.
The government has yet to provide us with but ONE bit of tangible proof
that this even happened. “We have DNA evidence that proves it was Bin
Ladens body.” At the risk of sounding childish and immature, my only
response to this….says YOU. Again, all this is is a CLAIM. There is
really no way for them give us common folk actually PROOF that this
alleged DNA evidence is legit.

After the initial claim that he was shot twice in the head and once in
the chest, it is now said the he was shot once above the left eye and
once in the chest.  Also for the first two days it was said that he used
his wife as a human shield and she was killed.  Now, she is alive and
was only shot in the leg.  Also, they are claiming that the video feed
went out.  At first ole Bin was engaged in the fire fight, now…he was
unarmed.  This brings us back to: what are they REALLY watching in the
photo?  I understand that things are going to change slightly as we move
forward, but so far EVERYTHING  has changed.     

They just keep digging themselves into a deeper and deeper hole with
their claims and lack of evidence. All I’m asking for is a little
consistency and maybe this whole thing would be a little more