Seeing Is Believing

From what we are being told, SeAL Team 6 has killed Bin Laden in a fire
fight in Pakistan. That is what our government and MSM are telling us
anyway. Does anyone remember when Abu Musab al-Zarqawi wars killed in an
F-16 bombing on June 7, 2006 just north of Baqubah, Iraq? There were
pictures of his corpse posted within days. Not to mention the press
conference where there was a nearly 8 ft tall picture of his mangled
face. He was a muslim, yet was not “buried within 24 hrs according to
tradition” by the US government. In fact, the military actually took
time to perform an autopsy, and those results weren’t released until
June 12, 2006.  We also had photos of Saddam’s two sons Uday and Qusai
after they were killed.

The point I’m trying to make is, why is Bin Laden getting the royal
treatment? Could it be that the US government is just playing politics
and trying to boost 0bama’s image as being “tough on terrorists”? If he
was really dead, why are the only images found online ones that have
been floating around for years? Why are we giving him the “respect” of
being burried (even though it was at sea) in accordance with his
religious tradition, of burial within 24hrs? These are the very same
religious traditions and scripts that he hid behind while killing
innocent Americans. I’m not just talking about 9/11, I’m also refering
to the USS Cole, and the two embassy bombings he took credit for.

According to the reports he was shot in the head…well…I want to SEE
that photo. As demented as it may seem, I want to see a REAL,
un-photoshopped image (we all have seen how poorly the white house uses
photoshop) of dead Bin Laden with a bullet hole in his head: seeing is

On a seperate note, the media is giving 0bama WAY too much credit for
this. In fact, just after the news broke on CNN, Wolf Blitzer said, “Bin
Laden was killed during 0BAMA’S administration.” If it is in fact true
that he was killed, all of the credit needs to go to the men and women
of the United States military and the members of the SeAL team who were
in the fight. It’s great that 0bama gave the word to take action, but
let’s face it….he didn’t pull the trigger and wasn’t being shot at.

Just as a side note, i would be making this same statement no matter who
the president was.

Watching Bin Laden being killed, or watching A Nightmare on Elm St? I
sure can’t tell.