The Most Important Thing

Many Conservatives feel frustrated at times. We watch the Mainstream media and are disheartened daily by the Liberal lies and misinformation filling the airwaves. Our children and grandchildren get a daily doses of Liberalism and Progressivism in most of our public schools. The assault on our values, the values of the Founding Fathers, is relentless and we ask ourselves, “What can I do, personally?”


We’re just normal people. We are not polished politicians running for office. We are not slick campaign managers or talk show pundits. We may pen an occasional letter to the editor of our local newspaper or attend a local school board meeting, but other than that, we live our lives, raise our children, go to work each day, pay our bills, worship as we choose and pay our taxes. We struggle, we fail, we try again and we succeed. We just live life in America—and that can be a pretty busy enterprise. So what more can we do? I think I have stumbled upon the answer that may solve most of our nation’s problems.


My twelve year old and I were watching the news one night. The topic of one of the stories revolve around some seemingly frivolous lawsuit that was paying off millions for the claimant. My son said something to the effect that, “wouldn’t it be great if we could get a million dollars for something like that?” I think I shocked him by saying, “No.” When he asked me why I wouldn’t want a million dollars I said, “Because I don’t deserve it and all that corporation will do is raise the prices of its products or lay off some of its workers to pay for the lawsuit. It’s someone else’s money. Unless they really hurt me—I don’t deserve it.”


Another time we were talking about an older member of my family who is worth a few million dollars. He wanted to know if I thought she will leave us any of it in her will. Again I shocked him by saying I didn’t know and I didn’t really care. “You don’t want it?” he asked.


“It’s not my money. I didn’t earn it. I didn’t invest it. I’m not entitled to it. If she wants to give me some as a gift, I’ll be grateful, but I don’t have a right to it and I definitely don’t expect it.”


I think the single most important thing we can do as parents and grandparents is to teach this simple principle to our kids:


“You are not entitled to anything belonging to or earned by someone else.”


If we can get this message across at an early age it will solve a host of our nation’s problems.


By the way—this one principle encompasses two of the Ten Commandments.

            -Thou shalt not steal

            -Thou shalt not covet


They are not as sexy as “thou shalt not kill” or “thou shalt not commit adultery”, but God definitely got it right to include them. Nothing is killing this country faster than envy and its accompanying institutional theft.


 As a nation and as individuals there are two diametrically opposed philosophies from which to choose going forward:


1. What you earn and own is your’s




2. What you earn and own is everyone’s



It’s actually a very simple choice with very dire consequences.


Our nation is making this choice and has been for the last fifty years.


Are we making the right choice?


Friend of Liberty