Educating Our Children

With the nation spiraling into Socialism, it raises a question concerning our children’s future. How do we educate them? For generations we have taught our kids capitalists values, concepts like hard work, self-discipline, self-reliance and the competitive spirit. We told them to study hard, work harder and make something of themselves. We told them no one is going to give them a living, much less respect, unless they earn it. Success comes from committing oneself completely to one’s goals, taking risks and successfully competing with one’s peers. We taught our kids they must build their own futures with their own hands and minds. We taught them that America is the land of opportunity. They can be anything they desire as long as they have the skills and ambition to match. If they should fail, they should pick themselves up, learn from their mistakes and try again. If they are going to play the game, they should play to win. Our economy was rooted in capitalism, so naturally we tried to instill in our young the virtues best suited to that economy, giving them the tools needed for success.

Today our country is being fundamentally transformed—not my words—the words of President Obama. More and more of the private sector is either being taken over by the Government, controlled by the Government or regulated to the point of insolvency. The message being delivered by the Obama Administration is to put aside personal ambition and sacrifice for the common good, the good of the nation. During commencement addresses across the land this past Spring, he and his wife encouraged graduates to forsake Wall Street, Big Business, personal ambition and material gain, for service through non-profit organizations, the medical industry and education. (Ironically, there was no mention of the service of the solider, policeman or fireman.)

By the end of the Obama Administration I think we can count on healthcare being run by the Government, a full one-sixth of our now-private sector economy. It appears that the energy and transportation sectors will fall under Government control as well when Cap and Trade goes into effect. These will join the housing, banking, mortgage and automotive industries, as well as education, under the auspices of Government control. Given the vast, future scope of the United States Government it seems obvious all job growth will be in Government Service. The largest employer in the world is the British Healthcare System, so with a population three times larger, you can bet who will have that title in a few short years.

I have been feeding my children a capitalist message for years, but I’m wondering if I’m killing their future by doing so. Perhaps I should be instructing them in the moral imperative that those who can must do for those who cannot, to each according to his needs from each according to his abilities. I’m setting my children up to suffer the burden of producing for those who do not produce. Perhaps I should be telling them that working in their own self-interest is immoral, selfish and greedy, that their primary concern should be contributing to the collective what they can and relying on the collective to meet their needs. Or, even better, I should tell them not worry about producing anything, because their needs will be met by the collective. Why study, why work hard if someone else will carry your load. Under this system they will not have to compete for their lot in life. They merely have to show need. Contributing the minimum required guarantees a return on investment. If what you produce is less than your needs, then the system is working for you. Besides, under a socialist/communist system needs trump all. It absolutely ensures all needs are met for every citizen, not wants, of course, but needs.

Recently in Detroit, sixty-five thousand citizens lined up to apply for public assistance through funds provided by the stimulus act. These funds will help people pay for mortgages, utility bills, food—whatever their needs. Those with the best application, the greatest needs, will get the cash. Could it be any fairer than that? Perhaps, I should be holding this up as an example to my kids of the kind of future they can expect and even embrace.

Let’s face it, our economic lexicon is going to change, and maybe it’s not so good for my kids to know the old terms like competition, success, investment, discipline, risk-taking, profit, loss, self-reliance, failure, bankruptcy or even charity. These words will do them no good when applying for a Government job in ten or twenty years. They will need to be able to stress the concepts of shared sacrifice, social and economic justice, redistribution of wealth, collective well-being and service to the State. They need to understand why achievers must be pushed aside so underachievers get their fair chance. They will need to be fluent in the language of socialism, using phrases like “it takes a village” and “for the good of society” and “sharing the wealth.” They will have to understand that their rights do not come from God, but from Man. And, of course, they must learn to serve and fear the State. Then, of course, they will have to adequately demonstrate their political purity, something I’m damaging for them right now.

What do you say, Comrades? Can’t we do this for the kids?