A gift for Americans with the last name of Paul

Watching Ron Paul on the media outlets yesterday unexpectedly gave me a glimmer of hope for our country. What country on the planet right now would not want this man to come in and give the people back their nation??  What the people do with it after that would be either an opportunity to go back to the ruling class and pro politicians of the world, OR now that we are awake and participating, decide as a people what our real priorities are. Then build from there. Ron Paul is giving America a chance at a “do over” and he is the only Republican candidate that has a shot at competing with Obama at the 18 to 25 year old level. Eric mentioned earlier this week that his biggest worry now is the fact that Obama seems to have the younger voters in his pocket. Being a single Mom with 18 and 20 year old kids, I know exactly how insidious Obama’s campaign tactics are and he has set out to divide my children against me and the values that they have been raised with. With the liberal media’s help at every turn, Obama is confident he can tell our young people anything he wants to without accountability. Believe me folks, this IS working with our young people. They just don’t know any better and with our government’s track record the last 30 years on both sides of the aisle, this blame game that is Obama’s favorite, has traction. Way more traction than parents want to admit to themselves at this point. Which brings me back to the beginning of my post. Ron Paul might very well be a gift straight from whatever God you believe in. A real chance to HIT THE RESET BUTTON!! He has the guts to call bull on his colleagues in Congress and the FED! He understands that the current Fed policies are eroding American’s asset’s and future generations way of life in America. As a parent and Tea Party Patriot, I feel that Ron Paul, as president of the USA in 2012 will lead us back to a country that we are wishing for. Well, our wish has been granted, now are we going to find a way to self destruct on personal ideology issues, OR can America see the forest thru the trees on this one, and get our country back from a political system and administration that has proven over and over it is willing to sell you and me out to the highest global bidder?