One More for Good Measure

As a cohesive group, Conservatives share a common set of values.  Those values are under constant attack across all levels of local, state and federal government.  In some cases, defense is solid and continuing.

Since the 1930’s, there has been a gradual erosion of the ability of the States to manage their own affairs.  The Supreme Court has nationalized or allowed the nationalizing of many diverse issues.  As a result, in more and more cases, the victor at the national level is able to set policy far in excess of the Presidents and Congress of the initial 150 years of our history.

We now have four branches of government for which to fight: the Presidency, Congress, the Supreme Court and the unelected pantheon of employees and consultants who wield power and influence over politicians.  Congress, in its present iteration, is under Republican control, but not conservative.  The Supreme Court just lost its most conservative voice and will lurch leftward once Clinton appoints and has confirmed a very liberal replacement.  And Clinton will be our next President, by what may turn into the largest landslide of the past 100 years.

The education system, fully federalized at this point, is being retooled to become a megaphone for liberal philosophy.  And rest assured, those philosophies will bring about misery and destruction.  Whenever one fights, one will find the Department of Education and the Department of Justice ready, willing and able to cut funding or file lawsuit.

In addition, the media is fully on board with a number of philosophies that will encourage and facilitate national disunity and economic misery.  Over 75% of all adults in the current earning generation are forecast to earn less or the same as their parents.  This is, for many, a dire warning.

What then, are we to do, in November and beyond?  We need to defeat politicians who are not conservative, allowing moderates or sell-outs to taste defeat and face replacement.  We will need to let things get worse so that those who believe the fairy tales of utopia under a Clinton learn the consequences for us all legally and economically.  Only then will many who do not see the reality of what we are facing learn the truth.

What will happen with Trump should indeed happen.  We had well-qualified, conservative candidates and we threw them under the bus.  In every way, shape and form, the GOP earned this drubbing through complacency, appeasement, and inaction.  Where there are Conservatives, we should support them and advocate for them.  Where there are precincts over which we can prevail, we should.  And be prepared in November to bring those who come to their senses into the fold.  For those who feel betrayed because they think Trump would make a great President, we must hope they come to their senses prior to 2018.

In my lifetime, this is the earliest moment I have known for certain the outcome of the election since 1988, when it was an absolute given that Dukakis was going to be demolished.  It is greatly discouraging to have known since Cruz quit the race where this was going to end up, but it is done.  Time to bury the dead, make a plan, and prepare.  And brace yourself for Scalia’s replacement.