Why Protect My Daughter's Future If You Won't Protect My Daughter?

If my wife were became pregnant today, my wife has many options to terminate the pregnancy. She could go to a pharmacy the morning after. She could go to a doctor at almost any point in the pregnancy and, without my knowledge nor consent, terminate the pregnancy. She could find a doctor who practices late-term abortions in many states. She could tell the doctor she does not like girls or that I do not like girls or anything she wants. My only information is that her choice is none of my business, regardless of the status of the pregnancy, including if my daughter is born and breathes.

My daughter may marry at 12 in Massachusetts without my consent. In California, there is no minimum age as long as a judge approves. She can marry a boy, a girl, a man or a woman. I do not have to be notified. She can attend school and find boys or men in her restroom if they assert transgender protection in some jurisdictions. I could find myself criminally prosecuted if I demand that only biological females share a locker room or bathroom with her.

If my daughter marries an adherent to Sharia law, she might find herself with limited ability to refuse sex. It is my understanding that much of the Atheist community is reluctant to press the issue when violence is intimated as a response. My daughter may study and attend school after college, but she may have to undergo mandated counseling for her white privilege and may possibly have to endure being screamed at and informed that she is guilty of being white. Guilt, at the same time, is only possible if you are white, whatever that means.

There are a small number of people who want to come to the United States and would like to kill my daughter because she is not a member of their group, whatever group that is. Some of those people will be granted an expedited visa so they can come and kill her. My instinct to purchase a weapon to protect her is what makes me worse than her potential killer. I should not be allowed to protect her until after she is dead. Then my prayers would be useless and unwanted.

It is my daughter’s fault that people want to kill her in the first place, as I have condoned violence against others who are innocent. As I understand the logic, someone drew first blood, most likely an American and, therefore, everything will be fine as soon as non-Americans have killed enough Americans. The people who have ordered us to kill others are war criminals, but the people who kill us are just trying to organize their community in a just manner.

My daughter should have the ability to enjoy sports as much as her male counterparts, but her male counterparts may join her team if they wish. She can join in combat if she so chooses, even if doing so puts her at risk given her biological differences in physical upper-body strength. Since Angelina Jolie is able to knock out bodybuilders in movies, this translates perfectly to the real world.

My daughter will be taught in school that actions have no consequences and that she was born with an inability to alter her unfair white privilege, sexual orientation, etc. The only thing she will be taught that matters is climate change. The biggest threat to her future is climate change, the biggest security threat she faces to her life is climate change, and the number one problem on Earth is climate change.

If my daughter wants to pray for the Earth, she will be ridiculed, unless she puts on a burqa.  Then she will be silently ridiculed. The people ridiculing her will be, for the most part, flying on airplanes around the world in order to propose new taxes and regulations that she will have to pay for that penalize her for being an American. The tax will be subsidized for anyone who decides they don’t want to work.

In short, my daughter has a serious gauntlet to run to make it here and to have a future at all.  And this is America, where there aren’t so many targeted abortions of females. So why protect her future and talk about her future if you won’t protect her at all?