Mislabeling, Lying, and Redefining: Leftists' Favorite Tools Morph Terrorism into Citizens with Guns

Vox is really talented when it comes to mislabeling, lying and redefining.  They have the same level of integrity you would expect from Pravda, only in the 21st Century.  And, like Pravda, no shame in any of these exercises.  In this case, they are asserting that citizens with guns are a much larger threat than ISIS and Syrian refugees.

The entire article is premised on data that states as fact that there have been 26 deadly terrorism attacks on U.S. soil since 9/11, but none have been foreign attacks.  Of course, it is very convenient to skip past the deadliest terror attack against the U.S. in our history, perpetrated entirely by foreigners, but let’s just allow them to move the goal posts and see where they are trying to head.

Let’s start with the 2002 Los Angeles airport shooting.  According to Vox’s data source, this is listed as “Homegrown Extremists”.  The shooter was an Egyptian national who killed two Israelis and wounded four others.  He had been arrested in Egypt for being a member of an Islamist group.  Somehow, though, he ended up in the “homegrown” pile.

In 2004, Wade and Christopher Lay committed an armed robbery and killed a guard.  Their mission was to purchase weapons to avenge the mass deaths which occurred at Waco, TX.  This was classified under “Deadly Right Wing Attacks” by Vox’s data source, which Vox then redefined as “domestic terrorism”.  That’s a real stretch to make, and the only conclusion I can reach is that Christians are automatically labeled “Right Wing”.

The 2012 Sikh Temple shooting and the 2015 Charleston Church shooting are both labeled by Vox’s data source as “Deadly Right Wing Attacks”.  Both attacks were made by man claiming to be White Supremacists.  So, Vox and their data source are attempting to label White Supremacists as “Right Wing”.  Subtle.

Since 26 people were killed by Islamists and 48 by “Deadly Right Wing Attacks”, Vox comes to the sloppy conclusion that “not one domestic terrorist attack has been committed by an outside foreign terrorist organization” since 9/11.  Uh, yeah, remember the Fort Hood shootings?  Nidal Hasan communicated with many questionable groups and no one really knows for sure what motivated him.  And then there were the Boston Marathon bombings.  Once again, somehow Vox reaches the conclusion that the Tsarnaev brothers were not motivated by a foreign terrorist organization.  They, like the Egyptian national, came here as refugees.

Vox goes on to state that, if you simply ignore 9/11, “most acts of domestic terrorism are committed by US citizens”.  The article’s conclusion is that jihadist and right-wing extremism more often begins at home.  So mislabeling, lying and redefining allows the author to reach their desired conclusion.

There is nothing “right-wing” about White Supremacy.  The last sets of candidates who embraced White Supremacy were all Democrats, barring David Duke who was resoundingly repudiated by the Republican Party.  The 10 most segregated cities in the U.S. are within California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  Of those states, three are in the top 10 for most liberal and none are in the top 10 for most conservative.

If racism is “right-wing”, then Black Lives Matter is sponsored by a bunch of “right-wing” extremists.  That is simply logic.  Or are we now declaring that extremists may only be “right-wing”?  Apparently so.  There is something bitterly ironic about Vox writers being more afraid of limited government than they are of a suicide bomber.