Amanda Marcotte Demonstrates Liberals Fail at Basic Logic

Amanda Marcotte is no stranger to RedState writers.  Just do a search and her name comes up multiple times.  She earns it as much as Al Gore or Paul Krugman on their best days.

There are a plethora of special interests that are fighting to take over educational programs in the United States.  Among them are LGBTQ, Black Lives Matter, Occupy, etc.  They all want a piece of the pie.  So Amanda writes, as would any loyal progressive, an article that illustrates why PC has run amok, but somehow thinks she has proven that Conservatives are the ones running amok!

She does a good job of linking to a timeline that covers the recent events at MU.  The problem is that she doesn’t know how to read facts for comprehension.  If you read the timeline carefully, you notice a few highlights that reveal what has actually transpired.

The initial event starting the snowball rolling downhill was the cancellation of health insurance coverage for Graduate Students through the University.

The groundwork for the walkout was laid Aug. 14 when graduate students were told they were losing their university-sponsored healthcare coverage due to an IRS interpretation of the Affordable Care Act. According to the IRS, the subsidies offered to graduate students through the university are considered “individual market plans,” which are prohibited by the act.

The students then issued a list of demands to the University, all of which were designed to benefit them economically through the use of taxpayer funds.  In other words, they were upset about an interpretation of a law passed nationally with zero Republican support, enforced by a Democratic Party-loyal bureaucracy, interpreted by a liberal University which is overseen by a Democrat Governor.  But it gets better.

A month later, the President of the Students Association wrote a lengthy piece that would make Lenin blush.  He managed to use just about every PC buzzword that is popular, including “inclusivity”, “privilege”, “institutional privilege”, “racially motivated aggression”, “microaggression”, “diversity peer”, “transgender”, “sensitivity training”, “cultural understanding”, “oppression”, “facilitations”, and “bias report”.  In one paragraph he writes:

“Of course there’s a lot of hurt and pain that’s associated with living in a world that’s not created for you,” he said, “but at the same time, if you’re not able to vocalize that to the people with privilege, who can help change that world, who have the institutional privilege to create change, then there’s no way to see change.”

Cited in his story are several incidents of anonymous racism where offensive words were used toward him and they really hurt his feelings.  I do not question the sincerity of his feelings.  I only question how Marcotte could turn the story into one about how PC is not strong enough!  The University is now going to add a whole new set of required coursework to the curriculum that will “sensitize” students to the experiences of others.  They have Departments, Classes, etc., all just to satisfy whatever special interest any group of one or more students has in relation to the school.

According to Marcotte,

Sexual assault on campus is endemic, but Republicans have responded by trying to make it harder for young women to get protection from their assailants.

If you actually bother to read the linked article, it states that both the Democrats and Republicans have sponsored bills.  In other words, the fact that the Republicans have a different bill just demonstrates they are trying to make it harder on young women to get help.  Huh?

The conclusion of her article cites rising tuition, inability to find healthcare, inability to afford healthcare, police violence directed at young black people, dismal job prospects.  So let’s get this straight, by the numbers.  And we will apply rational logic, rather than Marcotte’s logic.

Rising tuition is the fault of Republicans, who are in overwhelming numbers, the faculty and administrators on college campuses who fund their retirements and tenure through raising tuition rates.  Check.

Students cannot find nor afford healthcare programs which were pushed through by the Republican Party and which subsidies we were going to be able to afford very easily through gigantic cost-savings.  Check.

Young people’s job prospects have been diminished by the economic policies of Republicans who, among other things, have taken Executive Action to reduce the number of jobs created, have discouraged people from finding work through allowing undocumented workers to remain in the U.S. and take the jobs of other workers, support for raising the minimum wage which kills jobs and, last but not least, vetoing projects like the Keystone Pipeline which would encourage energy independence and provide healthy job prospects for thousands.  Check.

Finally, we all know that the police are a bunch of racist, gun-toting thugs who should be disarmed and carry around flowers and talk to people.  It is the Republicans who encourage racial-profiling and decry prosecution of police officers who break the law.  Check.

No wonder these college students are protesting.  They have been sold such a bill of goods that it will take years to sort it out.  Amanda Marcotte just illustrates once again how institutions of higher learning are failing young people.  At least she got that point right.