The Democrats are Starting to Party Like its 1968

In 1968, the Democratic Party “invited” scores of protesters to their convention in Chicago.  In the minds of many, what was supposed to illustrate just how “with it” the Democrats were ended up with police fighting with protesters throughout the city.  The TV news coverage resulted in Mayor Daley receiving 135,000 letters supporting police action balanced against 5,000 against.  The Party had lasted eight years in the White House and had suffered the loss of two Kennedy’s and Martin Luther King, Jr.  Their nominee, Humphrey, was the Hillary Clinton of that year, an establishment candidate who supported the prior administration.

We have reached a cultural point of simmering violence.  Our academic institutions, from which the majority of romantic literature is written about violence, is facing internal dissent over the very idea that tolerance is only required from those imbued with white privilege.  There are many emerging examples of whining getting results, such as here, here, here and here.

Protesters are gearing up to disrupt events and seek instant fame on YouTube.  Among groups that will solicit invitations for camera time are illegal immigration, black lives matter, abortion, environmental, atheist and LGBT activists.  In other countries, the protesters are becoming more and more vocal, but in that case, the majority are starting to form a backlash.

People are reacting to the agitation.  The Democrats cannot allow any of these special-interest groups too much air time lest they risk alienating the public.  They can sell a certain amount of lies, but not when it goes directly against their vital interests.  The Republican Party is siding with the majority on each of these issues.  You can find people who want to preserve the environment, but they won’t pull the lever for a Party that says “no” to the Keystone pipeline who are impacted by the loss of opportunity.

People are angry and upset as it is, but responsible citizens don’t feel the need to go and loot their neighbor.  They go vote.  And when they see whiny people who behave how they want and engage in violence because they are protected by a corrupt DOJ, the vast majority vote “NO”.  We have similar conditions to 1968 which, ironically enough, was also a time of the Democratic Party having had eight years in the White House.

I could pick many events and moments as being the catalyst for people I know, but having watched this video, I believe it succinctly “lowlights” how ludicrously far this whole farce has been allowed to go.  Only certain people can wear certain costumes on Halloween.  Only certain people can talk about what sensitivities are appropriate.  Only certain people are allowed to swear, silence and complain.  When an aggrieved person complains, it is fighting against privilege.  When a non-aggrieved person complains, they are unfairly exercising privilege.  Unfortunately, the Democrats already allow this nonsense and so they will have to own it.

Next year, their Convention promises to be like 1968.  They have at least five groups who will need representation and who can point their finger at the whole process.  And, frankly, if all five got their way, the number of candidates left standing for President in their Party would be… zero.  Oops, what a hangover!