Why are so many Crazy or Idiotic Ideas becoming National Law?

Most politicians crave power.  All politicians who want to remain in office in a democracy cater to the constituency that will deliver them a victory, whether legal or not.  So where you live determines your constituency.

Radicals and aggrieved minorities always want to change something.  For example, NAMBLA wants men to be able to love boys.  La Raza wants parts of the U.S. returned to Mexico.  Parents of kids who perform very poorly on tests want the results thrown out or neutralized.  If you go to Minneapolis to an immigrant neighborhood filled with Somalians, at least some will advocate for strict Sharia law.

The Constitution was designed to protect us from tyranny and in a severe case of irony, is being attacked by people who want to be protected from what they perceive as tyranny.  The sole difference is that conservatives place their faith in institutions while liberals place their faith in the people who make their own rules who are also in charge of an institution.  Basically, destruction from within.

Most liberal policies are radical at the time of their inception.  At one time, women having the right to vote was considered radical as a position.  At one time, allowing slaves freedom was a radical notion.  The times dictate the notions.  However, both emancipation and women’s suffrage were submitted to the People for a vote, and they voted in favor by sufficient numbers to amend the Constitution.  When we work from popular vote, we achieve a consensus.

Instead, most modern policy is being legislated by the Bench or nationalized as quickly as possible.  Instead of allowing States their 10th Amendment rights, we are centralizing power in Washington.  As a result, we are in effect altering the social compact in ways that are unconstitutional, regardless of what Justices decree.

In terms of religion, the Supreme Court has come in and fundamentally altered the balance of power between the Constitution and the States.  We went from not forming a national religion to banning religion from the public square.  In the same breath, the very same people who laugh at antiquated notions claim the Constitution defends abortion and precludes the 2nd Amendment.  So they want what they want and don’t what they don’t.

Right now, the most radical ideas are being promulgated and sued over in the most liberal states and then carrying the rest of us with them.  We can reduce climate change policy to a simple premise: I want the middle class of the U.S. to give away its wealth, I want to keep mine, and I want to tell you what to do at the same time while I do not do it myself.  Forget the science.  It is simply the new dictatorial excuse.

Our greatest asset is the pervasive overreach.  That may explain why the Party is doing so well at a state level.  We need the presidency yesterday, and we need it for someone who is going to put in conservative judges.