One Thing I would Love to Hear a Candidate Say Tonight about the Economy and Youth

There are statistically a much higher number of males living at home at a later age today than there were since the 1950’s.  The Democrats would have you believe that this is a healthy function of increased student loan debt coupled with men marrying later and, therefore, not being able to move out quite so fast.  In fact, they would have you believe that men are also living at home longer because they are irresponsible, and actually, younger people, both male and female are much more independent because they live at home with their parents.

Nevermind that the unemployment statistics for younger citizens are abysmal.  Nevermind that the housing market and student loan burdens are a double-whammy.  Nevermind that college graduates are suffering wage stagnation more than other demographic groups.

The Democrats want to solve whatever problems they will admit to by telling you to take something from someone else.  Well, not really from someone else generally, but someone else, specifically, which is anyone who is in the top 1% of something-or-other.  They really won’t say if this is income, retained wealth, investments, or what exactly, just the top 1%.  And they will rail against banks when their top candidate has raised more money from banks than from any other type of donor over the course of her career, with a total of seven of the top 20 and five of the top 10.  The single point that every Democratic candidate will agree upon is that you cannot fend for yourself, fix problems yourself or take responsibility for yourself.  It always boils down to someone else being at fault and needing to pay through litigation and legal precedent, which might explain why six of her top 20 career donors are law firms.

I happen to disagree with that.  I happen to believe that independence and liberty are our God-given right.  And I happen to believe that I can say God without you suffering a stroke whether or not you agree with my beliefs or not.  When business owners and managers do well, they hire people to meet demand.  When they can get their demands met by cheaper labor overseas, whether they will take that step depends upon their degree of independence from outside pressure.  If you want a level playing field, we have to make it easier for people to start their own business and to run their own business and to grow their own business.  And we have to push government to mind its own business.

If the Democrats get their way, the only future you will have is on their terms.  You will have to extend your hand and ask for a handout.  You will have to turn to government if you want to go to school, you want to visit a doctor, you want to get married or if you want to buy a home.

We believe in liberty and independence.  If you elect me, I promise to make my fellow Americans my first and primary focus and instill our competitive spirit through honest and fair competition.  If you want to leave your parents’ home by starting a business, then I want to make it easier for you to try.  If you want to leave your parents’ home by earning and learning then I want to make it easier for you to find work, if you try.  Notice that I am focused on what you have to do, and not on what the government has to do.  All you have to do is register, if you haven’t already, and cast your vote for me in your state.  The first step on your path to freedom is to exercise your right to vote for your future.  Thank you and God Bless America.