Adam Winkler illustrates the Focus of Liberal Utopia: Death to Old White People

Adam Winkler is a liberal disguised as a moderate.  He is in favor of reasonable gun control restrictions, or so he writes.  And in publications like Salon, the Daily Beast, and the Huffington Post, he occasionally shows his true colors.  Now he has decided that the best way to win the debate is for old white people to die.

Listen to a liberal, and you will get the label for almost every conservative position as being older, white, rural and less educated.  Adam states this as a fact.  Minorities, especially Latinos, Blacks and Asians, all favor gun control much more.  Asians, as he asserts, by a huge margin support gun control.  Is he referring to the Asians who owned stores affected by the LA riots of 1992, by chance?

It boggles the mind just how facile an argument it is to make that people who, according to “experts”, are a “race” or demographic grouping, are going to maintain their viewpoints over a sustained period of time.  It seems logical that poorer minorities living in urban areas with extensive gun violence want those guns out of the hands of criminals.  It also seems logical that they assume that the police, armed with guns, are going to be responsible for taking those steps.  I doubt that those people are in favor of removing guns from police, regardless of what the Black Lives Matter movement asserts.

There is a very strong mantra among liberals that the permanent democratic majority is coming.  There is also a widespread belief that illegal immigrants will vote for Democrats once allowed to vote.  But although this might be a short-term trend, there are really other factors at play.

The Democratic Party of 2015 is truly one that is based upon minority interests and the theory that the majority must atone for breathing air, on whatever topic.  The spending patterns are toward benefiting the few at the expense of the many while railing against it.  The problem with this theory is that eventually, as people start to have something to lose, they are less willing to lose it.  If 315 million Chinese people moved here tomorrow with full voting rights, the Democratic Party would start wishing them all death, too.

Right now, the leaders like Clinton don’t care who pays, just that they do, to keep the minority interests happy.  The CDC reported 11,078 homicides by firearm in 2010.  This is lower than the rates listed for Brazil, India, Nigeria, Mexico, Congo, South Africa, Venezuela, Colombia, Pakistan, China, Russia and Ethiopia over a similar period.  Every single one of these countries has more restrictive rights than we do on gun ownership.  Notice any pattern here?

When did it become alright for a major political party to hate its own country?  What has happened to nationalism in our nation?  Where do they find these wealthy sycophants who decry our nation while offshoring and outsourcing openly?  And most importantly, why do liberals assume that killing off old white people will solve our societies ills?

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