Whole-ier than Thou

The word “university” has its origins in the Latin universitas, or “the whole”.  The University of California, helmed by the emergent Lord Napolitano, professes to be the new Lord of all that is “whole-y”.  And with their “whole-i-ness” comes our new values.  To wit, we have the Right to be “free from Acts and Expressions of Intolerance”.

To profess a policy means that lack of adherence will result in punishment.  “The whole” of California will now protect its members from harboring or articulating thoughts toward others which, among other things, “[depict] or [articulate] a view of ethnic or racial groups as less ambitious, less hardworking or talented, or more threatening than other groups.”  In other words, “the whole” will now not allow the few to have viewpoints not in accordance with “the whole”.  Of course, “the whole” will twist its own words to suit itself in any given context where it is criticizing the intolerance of others through, well, being intolerant.  They just won’t tolerate intolerance.  A more perfect example of intolerance is difficult to contrive.

“The whole” of California will wish to keep its rules enforceable against “the whole” of the United States and will, of course, resist legal sanction and oversight.  After all, Lord Napolitano is slated to join the Supreme Court next.  Her “whole-i-ness” knows far better than we how fallible that Supreme Court is.

The very group of people that value dissent when it is in pursuit of their own ends want to stifle it when not.  Arrogance, hubris, hypocrisy and deceit are all words which will be banned as applied to ethnic, racial and diversity debates.  These words, however, will be allowed to be used when viewed toward those who are benighted, ignorant, conservative or Christian.

This “whole-y” war was not of the majority’s choosing.  Rather, it is the product of people who wish to silence opposition through outlawing it.  Those same people, ironically, are the very ones who sneer and snicker and accuse others of these tactics only when they fear debate.  When Putin states that 97% of the Crimea wanted to rejoin Russia, they scoff, but when someone opines that 97% of academics concur on Global Warming, well, they are being truthful.

This “whole” is surely full of “holes”.