Better Call Saul - 2016

RMJ inspired me to write this post.  It reminds me of a joke made during the 80’s about the similarities between the GOP and a prophylactic.  But I digress.

In my entire adult life, I have never felt so angry as I did during the passage of Obamacare.  I was seething everyday at the reports of how the Democrats had the votes to pass it thanks to the Republicans not resisting, including the party switch of Arlen Specter.  I could not believe how mealy-mouthed our opposition was and how [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] and [mc_name name=’Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’P000197′ ] seemed able to do whatever they wanted, however they wanted.

In addition, I was one of those fools who bought into the whole mortgage based on stated income rackets and suffered mightily as the market imploded.  I dived deep into an analysis of causation and became convinced that our Congress was on a path that was killing the little guy.  I listened to many, many professionals around me gripe about NAFTA and its byproducts and how the Chinese were able to break any rules they wished while we had to adhere to WTO rules.

[mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ], for all his flaws, is a fighter.  He stacked the rules in his favor and changed them to suit his own interests.  And yet he got reelected.  I am one of those who sees Boehner and McConnell as worthless wimps.

I feel my country is headed in exactly the wrong direction and I have no one in Washington who gives a damn.  So as I listen to the candidates, Donald Trump is the physical embodiment of Saul.  You feel like he is going to do something and say something.  You don’t feel like he will come on TV and tell you how a new existential threat to Israel and the United States is productive.  Or how a blackmailer should be given $150 billion USD in order to kill more soldiers.

I am so fed up and angry that I am beside myself.  Donald Trump is feeding into that anger.  My rational side is inclined toward other candidates, but my emotional side wants to see someone go burn it down.  I have watched this failure theater and have seen the results.  McConnell is so scared that he won’t even fight.  And he has a bunch of guys who all sit there and play for money that is funding more destruction.

The other day I was speaking with some professionals in manufacturing who have been in the industry for over 20 years each.  They all stated bluntly that NAFTA killed U.S. jobs in manufacturing for good.  I got sold on that as desirable because ultimately it would lead to stability elsewhere and an improved standard of living as we transitioned to a service economy.

However, here’s the thing: we have millions upon millions of new people in the labor force who are in need of employment.  China cheats regularly on every aspect of competition and, to boot, is a Communist dictatorship!  What happened to our core principles of not wanting Communism to have an easy time of things?  Obama likes Communism.  He is a friend to Communism.  He sees redistribution as a good thing.  Why don’t we have a unified voice in Congress against Communism?

We are socially, economically and intellectually corrupting our citizens.  Libertarians support same-sex marriage, but not as a fiat, but as an area of life where government should get out.  For Pete’s sake, the idea of same-sex marriage was government non-interference, not jailing Christians.  Yes, solely Christians.  Funny how that works.  Could they please arrest a Muslim in Dearborn, Michigan?  Pretty please?  Just one.  In fact, how about a black Muslim from Somalia, preferably?  Let’s then interview the ACLU.  I beg us to do that.

Historians all agree that Hitler was a dictator.  A fascist dictator.  Regardless of the basis, his sole objective was the centralization of power.  He was sweet in the beginning and then, once consolidated, led his country to ruin.  Kim Jong Un is the grandson of a dictator.  In each case, the common theme was someone in a time of crisis who came to power with the idea of solving problems created by “them”, whomever “they” are.  For Hitler, it was Jews and Communists.  The common people were fed up with gridlock and mad as Hell.

We have those conditions here.  The Great Unifier has more damaged unity than anyone in office I have seen in my lifetime.  We have Muslims fighting Jews and Christians, racial animosity, government vs private sector, citizens vs foreigners, monogamous heterosexuals vs a number of classifications, and us vs our allies.  And debt is spiraling beyond the point of being ever able to pay it off.  We have people shooting cops and leaders applauding it.

We have sex workers like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian acting as role models for younger women and at the other end of the spectrum I have had neighbors for the first time in my life where the wife wears a Burqa outside in 90-degree heat.  My childrens’ school has a drill for a mass shooting and the high school allows boys to play in girls’ sports without telling me if that is what they perceive is being requested.

I don’t know about you, but I want a fighter to be President.  I am not even sure I care about their politics as much as their backbone.  Please, Lord, give us someone who is NOT afraid of their own shadow or what their donors said today.  Someone who is fine with gaffes but not fine being monotone.  Scott Walker lost my support at the first debate when he came across like a JV player without conviction and passion in his delivery.

I respect and agree with many of my peers who cannot stand Trump, in the sense that he is only here because we don’t have anyone else.  We got locked up and along came Saul.  He knows we need him and unless someone else gets their act together, we are going to hire him.

In Germany in 1933, people were hurting and overwhelmingly they were angry with France and England and Russia.  However, they were not convinced about Hitler.  It was the Reichstag, and not the citizens, that gave the monster the power, much like it is Congress, and not the people who have handed Iran the nuclear bomb and it was the Supreme Court, and not the people, who have handed many people a free pass on persecuting Christians.

Congress gave Bush the support to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.  Bush gave Congress the support to pass a slew of pro-Government programs.  Congress in the 1990s forced President Clinton to act on a different agenda.  Newt Gingrich let himself get kicked out, but a lot of people supported his priorities.  Where are those priorities now?

I guess what I am trying to write is that we have no faith in Congress today and thus, we are susceptible to electing Donald Trump.  I can easily see us doing it.  Some of us feel desperate to see someone who will act and not talk all the time and who will turn to Congress and embarrass the heck out of them.  The warning label is that once you do that, there is no telling where it will go.  What we need even more is strong leadership in Congress.  We have the votes, but not the backbone.

Why did the Republican voters in Mississippi, Kansas and Kentucky let us down?  Will they do it again?  I want change, but I want it to be to what I was promised.  If I were CEO and I had promised performance and done what these guys have done, I would have been fired long ago.  Yet we keep electing them.  Shame on some of us for tolerating this bunk.

Let’s focus on forcing our leaders to put their mouth where their principles are.