NYC about to Flush Common Sense down the Toilet

One of the first things we learn in Kindergarten is that boys and girls do not share a bathroom.  There are some essential reasons for this.  First, we are told that boys and girls are different in what anatomical parts we have.  Second, we learn that boys and girls do not want to share their actions in going to the bathroom with each other.  Third, we learn, even at a very young age, that boys and girls have differing levels of cleanliness.

As we mature, we learn that all three reasons are sound.  How many situation comedies have featured humor about the seemingly very disparate level of sanitation of men and women’s facilities?  There is a general consensus that men tend toward being more messy and also, due to biology, are more likely to create messes.

Luckily, politicians in several cities, including New York, know that this is much ado about nothing.  We have .2 percent of our population who face embarrassment and persecution when faced with choosing a “Men” or “Women” sign, so let’s flush that away by making the law so that all single-occupant facilities are gender-neutral.  What could go wrong?

Well, anyone willing to jot a few potential implications down?  Let’s start with “mommy, I opened the door and there was a man and he was naked and wanted me to come into the bathroom with him”.  “Gee, officer, I was only naked from the waist down because I was just finishing up.”  Of course, you will have any number of advocates pointing out that this could happen with same-sex facilities at any time and that is true.  However, little girls are more vulnerable than little boys and there is just not the same prevalence of naked women in the women’s restroom.

Next there is that little issue with voyeurism.  Women might have call for concern if a man emerges from the women’s restroom, but not so in the future in NYC.  In fact, all restrooms are fair game for the good ole hidden camera moving forward.  How many women are going to feel comfortable in a public restroom after a man who looks “creepy” has just emerged?

Next, there is the removal of the urinal.  You don’t need that if it is gender-neutral.  Without getting too graphic, what woman wants to pick up a UTI?  There are just so many implications of forcing men to use a standard toilet and one which women will also be using.  If you are married, you most likely understand both perspectives on the issue.  And this is with your spouse, not a stranger.

We are trying so hard to remove biology from having an impact on our lives that we are engaging in absolute theater of the absurd.  In our lifetime, we are going to see Harrison Bergeron coming to life.  Personally, I think the whole idea stinks.

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