Apple's Hatred is more Organized

One of the most appalling news stories of the day concerns Apple and their newly decided action to ban almost any games showing a depiction of the Confederate flag.  Nevermind that some of the games are purely historical, such as Ultimate General: Gettysburg.  It appears that the corporate giants are all racing each other to see who can become enlightened fastest.

Dissent is one of the most important freedoms of being human.  We were founded as a result of dissent.  Now we are being thrown as fodder on the idol of Political Correctness, as exemplified by the comments of the poster miku on this site.

Our media is undertaking a daily assault on all things conservative.  We are subject to prosecution and persecution.  And Apple has just shown its true colors.  It reminds me of the story of Pauline Nyiramasuhuko.  We have not yet hit violence at Apple, but we have decided that censorship is necessary.

Apple is starting to become an antagonist in the story.  If they continue down this road, what other symbols do they deem offensive?  We can certainly see the NAZI flag in war games.  So why not the Confederate?  Have we become so timid and if so, in the face of what threat?

As many cogent authors have noted, the United States allowed slavery until the Civil War.  Shall we not ban our national flag, if that is the symbolism we choose to recognize?  Are we not wise enough to recognize that the Nazi flag was banned by Germany as a result of those still living potentially harboring old sentiment?  The ACLU used to support the Confederate flag, but now not so much.

The cohesiveness of our culture, especially its history, is now under daily, intense assault.  We are rewriting history and trying to excoriate our founders, their principles and their beliefs.  All the while, we are here today with this freedom to speak due to their foresight.  This will not stop until we stand our ground and refuse to buy into any further insanity.