The Inquisition 2.0

The Inquisition 2.0 is a government-backed series of civil and criminal prosecutions designed to punish private citizens for behavior not in accordance with a new set of “enlightened” beliefs.  The Constitutional Congress enshrined protection for a set of beliefs directly out of the Age of Enlightenment.  Those beliefs were silent on slavery, women’s rights and other areas which were left to the States to determine in accordance with their own beliefs.  The power to disagree was preserved to the States.

Ever since the Civil War, we have been gradually eroding States’ rights through the Supreme Court.  When the “right” result has been reached, in cases such as Roe v Wade, the victors have been able to impose restrictions on states regardless of majority sentiment.  The victors have been free to cajole, belittle, castigate and ridicule the losers.  Publicly, leaders have impugned ignorance, stupidity, sloth and any other kind of pejorative to those who oppose their new-found “traditional” power.

Every pogrom begins with two actions: defining the moral foundation of Justice in persecution of opposition and executing said persecution by any means necessary, including mass murder.  In every case, the unity of the persecutors derives either from patriotism to a nation or loyalty to a cause.  In the United States today, we have no patriotism in this pogrom, but rather the leaders disdain anything American unless it involves federal action in passing the appropriate law or taking the appropriate legal action.  Our own institutions are being used to dismantle us from within.

Given that the moral foundation of this nation is Judeo-Christian in nature, with what are we replacing it?  Two principles: selective ancestral sin and magistry.  Selective ancestral sin is a bastardization of original sin.  Basically, everyone is born guilty and must cleanse themselves continually through self-disparagement or by supporting the proper cause by whatever means necessary.

Some selective ancestral sin is simple to identify.  If you were born with light skin pigmentation, you have benefited from slavery, regardless of national origin, and must admit that your pigmentation is objective proof of racial animus which must be corrected.  If you were born anywhere, you are guilty of polluting the Earth and must take immediate corrective action based on your birth, which may include suicide, homicide and any necessary steps to save the planet from your selfish act of being born.  If you were born in the United States, you are guilty of colonialism, exploiting the masses, war-mongering, gender oppression, etc., and must relinquish your citizenship or commit suicide, homicide, etc.  If you were born male, you carry a stain which must be corrected through suicide, homicide, etc. because you are clearly a misogynist who harbors secret evil thoughts.  Free will has no force nor power within this paradigm, as your very essence is already a criminal act.

The word family derives from the Latin term for servant.  In the old moral code, families were connected through strong legal ties and thus a great number of high crimes were related to sins against one’s family.  If you committed adultery, you died.  You could not divorce without cause.  Marriage was solely between a man and a woman in support of procreation.  Marriage was once and with one person.

Magistry derives from the Latin word connoting “more important”.  Modernly, magistry refers to a master.  We have freed ourselves from family and now worship magistry.  The basic premise of magistry is that an individual is more important than a family.  Under this calculus, you can marry a sheep, a doll, two people, etc.  If you wish to use a public restroom, you may select the gender of your choosing.  If you wish to become the head of a Christian bible study club and you are an atheist, you may do so.

Magistry suggests that the rights of the individual are superior to that of the family.  You may marry and divorce as you wish.  You may commit adultery in public and father or mother any number of offspring out of wedlock.  You may, in fact, sue anyone who wishes to impose old world values upon you, as magistry trumps majority.

Family is no longer valued above magistry.  As a corollary, while the general discussion of freedom vs. equality focuses on equality to the exclusion of freedom in the new paradigm, at the same time some speakers are more equal than others.  Magistry means that someone like Al Gore can pollute while condemning polluters.  Trevor Noah can condemn anti-semitism with anti-semitic humor.  The point is clear.

Aristotle and a vast majority of his cohorts believed that the Sun revolved around the Earth.  It took well over a thousand years before Copernicus would begin the final push toward challenging geocentrism, well-documented in the persecution of Galileo, that would become further settled science which persists until today.  Thomas Kuhn wrote a novel about settled science, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, which asserts with strong conviction that the field of Science is rather unsettled and goes through radical shifts coinciding with periods of innovation.

The boundary line of a pogrom is the point at which it becomes acceptable to incite violence against a marginalized group.  ISIS clearly is engaged in a pogrom against Christians and Jews.  It is the most vocal about its pogrom, but it is not the only political entity engaged in such fashion.  We have pseudo-governmental entities with individuals espousing similar views.

Rather than denounce pogroms like that of Iran, we are instead enabling the establishment of further pogroms and violence.  We have our own infrastructure in place to descend into violence and chaos and gradually eroding protections for freedom to speak, express and assemble ourselves.  We are being watched and recorded and slowly the federal government establishes further crimes in the guise of protection, including hate crimes which accentuate punishment based on thought.

The only power we have is free will and the casting of our votes in opposition,  including when any party strays.  We need to track more accurately where our legislators stand and fight tirelessly for the restoration of balance.  Dark times, indeed.