I am THAT Life

I, along with many others here, cannot fathom the action of [mc_name name=”Rep. Renee Ellmers (R-NC)” chamber=”house” mcid=”E000291″ ].  I find myself stunned beyond all measure.  I am so dumbfounded I am questioning many of my core assumptions about electoral politics.

I was born to an eighteen-year-old mother who had a shotgun wedding.  I have a birth defect.  If abortion had been legal and encouraged, there is a major question-mark for me as to whether or not I would be here.  My parents divorced in the early 1970’s as part of a growing wave of consequence related to Griswold v Connecticut.

When I listen to both sides of the argument, it is crystal-clear why [mc_name name=”Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)” chamber=”house” mcid=”P000197″ ] supports abortion-on-demand.  It is all about her.  When we debate these points, there are issues like rape, incest and birth defects on one end and convenience on the other.  One camp is concerned about costs and consequences for society and the mother while the other is all about the baby.  You have countless protesters who cry out about the horrible life of an orphan, but ask the orphan whether they want to live?

The illustrators at Charlie Hebdo were gunned down and started a movement of people wearing shirts illustrating their affinity to the slain artists.  Why don’t we start our own movement of people wearing shirts with “I am that life” to illustrate the consequence of choosing life.  I recognize that morally and ethically there are situations where decisions are not simple.  And I do not profess to sit in judgment.  However, no one can justify to me allowing babies to suffer with our only response being “it is a private decision between a woman and her doctor”.  I only hear from that statement that the State once again is trying to redefine the nuclear family to suit its insatiable appetite for power and privilege.

For goodness sake, if you have to sit there with yet another “War on” fill-in-the-blank why not start with “war on babies” or “war on minorities” or “war on the family”?  Why do we have so many weak-kneed politicians running around who speak with forked tongues?  Many families, whether majority or minority on any demographic scale, wish to protect their members from harm.  Why do we debate about banning practices that kill?  Someone decries a drone killing a 10-year-old but not a doctor killing two full-term babies?  The depth of the rotten hypocrisy here defies rationality.

Arrogance is a flaw, not a virtue.  I’ve had it shoved down my throat in heavy doses over the past six years.  I need a leader to step forward and speak plainly and honestly about their positions on the major issues of our time.  And then my vote will get cast for the ones I trust and not for the ones I don’t, regardless of affiliation.  I get that hedonism is always going to be more cool than heroism, but all of us need role models and guidance in order to live a life for the common good.

I feel my very way of life is under existential threat and I take that very seriously.  And my elected leaders are turning a blind eye.  Shame on them and on me if I don’t speak up in word and vote.