The Guardians of Peace and Christian Persecution

The Guardians of Peace is an anonymous criminal organization that is ostensibly engaging in various criminal acts, including threats of terrorism, in order to suppress the release of a single motion picture.  The organization has issued written protests concerning the depiction of the assassination of the current leader of North Korea.  Whether in defense of North Korea or acting out of some other motivation, the group is inadvertently shining a spotlight on several fundamental issues in relation to the present and future state of this country.

There are so many ironic and hypocritical facets of this current event that warrant attention.  Has anyone noticed that Guardians of Peace is using the term “#GOP” for itself?  Is there anyone who isn’t raising an eyebrow, wondering whether there is an intentional implication of conservative politics?

The vast majority of motion pictures today are propaganda for the Democratic party.  Whatever the viewpoint is of the party is instantly reflected in Hollywood.  The motion picture industry is one of the most heavily-protected in the United States, with strong warnings and FBI assistance.  We understand intellectually the power of the industry, which includes television and other broadcast media.

Kim Jong-Un is a brutal dictator.  It is alright to show the assassination of a brutal dictator.  After all, there was a movie about the assassination of George W. Bush released while he was still in office.  So there is absolutely nothing but wrong with a comedy about political assassination.

Many years ago, Hollywood paid handsomely to protect the moral and ethical image of actors and actresses.  Then, once Hollywood lost control of the image, they decided to glorify immoral and unethical behavior and, in the spirit of Mary Daly, re-brand any behavior captured on film as moral and proper.  What was once “bad” is now “good”, although some “bad” is badder than other “bad” and some “good” is better than other “good”.  If it makes money, it’s good and if it loses money, it’s bad.  That simple.

Kim Kardashian made a videotape of herself engaged in premarital sex.  If the date were 1970, she could have been blackmailed.  In 2014, she has converted the event into a multi-million dollar celebrity lifestyle, complete with reality television and an entourage of interesting characters, such as a husband who has published a song about her ability to fellate him to orgasm.  We can thank the Internet and the Kenneth Star report for allowing us to read all about this level of interaction between partners.

Sony Pictures has been hacked.  Lots of damaging information has been leaked.  But to here the reaction of people like Aaron Sorkin, the immoral actors here are the media and not the hackers.  After all, an industry that derives profit from invading the privacy of others is complaining about the invasion of its own privacy.  How rich the irony.

Almost daily in the United States, a Christian is being threatened in their way of life.  Whether through college and university rules, in public schools or in private business, somewhere in this country is a Christian being persecuted.  What started out as preventing the persecution of someone else has evolved into the wholesale perversion of the term “equal protection”.

The examples are so pervasive, and the indoctrination by the media so intense, that these examples almost escape our attention.  Ask yourself how comfortable you are saying “Merry Christmas” to a stranger?  How comfortable are you asking that question relative to “how many self-identified females are there on the women’s soccer team”?

The Guardians of Peace hit Sony in its wallet and as a result, are able to dictate studio policy to a certain degree.  There was no premiere interview with the stars of the offending movie.  Many theaters will not be carrying it due to the threat of violence.  Behind the scenes, relationships are fracturing over released emails that basically show what we all know anyway: that Hollywood executives are not more superior morally than any other group of people and that when “alone”, people talk more honestly.

“Wouldn’t it be a movie moment if the other studios invoked the NATO rule and denounced the attack on Sony as an attack on all of us, and our bedrock belief in free expression?”  That is a direct quote from Mr. Sorkin.  Given his statement, would it be unreasonable to assume he defends prayer in schools, school choice and opposition to the forced resignation of Brendan Eich just as vociferously?

Our system of learning is currently being run by the townspeople of High Noon, defending absurdity in the disguise of principle.  This absurdity begins from the top, where our elected Executive is about to attempt to normalize relations with Cuba.  And with Hollywood as the mouthpiece of policy, we are being bombarded with the message that principles don’t matter unless we are told they do.

Whether moral or not, the actions of the Guardians of Peace might remind one of Matthew 21:12, wherein Jesus cleanses the Temple.  The core idea is to follow principle and that in doing so, it means defending those principles in the face of fear.  Ironically and hypocritically, Sony is not defending its own principles and is demonstrating what happens when you threaten.  You get results.

I want to know that win or lose, my elected representatives follow their principles and not their vote tally.  That is a tall order these days.  If we are truly a nation that is Center-Right and values faith and its practice, it is high time that our candidates espouse a defense of freedom and liberty, and not just how it is defined by Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf.  The #GOP should never be more effective than the GOP.