The Innocent Are Not Protected

A story not too long ago was published about a baby boy who survived for 2 days after what appears to be an abortion gone wrong.  The amazing part of this story is the resiliency of the baby to continue to survive even after a so-called doctor tried to kill him.  Further details on this can be found here.

If this story does not cause any emotion in you, then your heart truly is as cold as an arctic iceberg.  Liberals and medical practice in general view unborn babies as just tissue or a fetus.  I defiantly say they are wrong!  That unborn baby is a human life given as a gift from God.  That life should be treasured, protected and nurtured in the best possible way.  Far too often people in our society view an unborn baby as some kind of experiment and that if something happens to it then it is no big deal.

It is truly a sad state in this country where millions of innocent lives are slaughtered because they may be imperfect, a burden, not wanted, an embarrassment or for some other reason.  How a doctor who sees the most amazing process of a baby developing and growing inside a woman’s body and willingly butchers it is beyond my mind to comprehend.

I submit to you that a leader’s view on life and the innocent MUST be considered in our choices during the upcoming election.  Do your research on these people running for office and wisely consider their actions and words in regard to the heinous practice of abortion.