Strong defense is vital for peace & prosperity

“I do not say that there will be no more wars, but I do say that the chances of avoiding future wars will be greatly enhanced if we are ready.”
–General George S. Patton

The quote above comes from a man who orchestrated winning strategies in some key battles during WWII in the European campaign.  I am not sure what his intended purpose of that statement is, but I would venture to say that keeping our military the best trained, best equipped and most advanced in the world is an effective way to keep peace and prosperity here at home and throughout the world.  The Constitution requires that the government fulfill its obligation to protect the citizens as much as possible.  Diplomacy without any substantive backing will be futile on the world stage that comprises of ego-maniacs, dictators, communists and Islamic fascists who make it their mission to find ways in harming and inflicting damage to the USA.

Our spineless leaders in Washington are quickly forgetting this critical line of thinking and creating great risk to our country’s peace and prosperity.  I believe one of those actions that just created additional risk to our country is the highly hypocritical nuclear disarmament treaty the U.S. and Russia just signed this week.  Our strong nuclear arsenal and nuclear policy gives the U.S. some teeth to back up our diplomacy with other rogue nations.  It is not just our President promoting this dangerous philosophy.  Last year, one of those leaders, Barney Frank, stated that he wants to cut the military since he believes that “we don’t need all these fancy weapons.”  Humm, really?  Why don’t you pose that same statement to Russia or China who are accelerating their military modernization programs?   China is aggressively increasing their budgets year after year to enhance and improve their military technology.

Russia is not sitting back either.  For example, while the U.S. was building the F-22 Raptor, Russia was building a similar fighter jet as well.  Just as China is rapidly modernizing their military so are the Russians.  But what does the U.S. do?  Our wonderful and brilliant leaders decide to cut the F-22 Raptor program because it costs too much.  I believe America’s protection is worth the cost.  We must be more prepared and ready than our enemies in order to keep the peace.

All the talk of China and the U.S. being partners is fluffy feel-good rhetoric coming out of Washington and Bejing.  What really is happening before our eyes are two very powerful nations competing on the world stage for economic and military dominance.  We must keep in mind that China has no respect for human rights, free speech or any form of democracy.   Since their government displays actions contrary to most of what the U.S. still stands for, then we must conclude that they are ultimately against us.

Again, Patton has it right:  We must be strong and ready for war in order to maintain stability and to buffer our enemies that are hungry for our demise.  Tell your senator and representatives to stop robbing the Treasury for domestic entitlements and use it to strengthen our military.