Iowa State Universtiy Lecturer Atttacks College Reublicans for Supporting Troops

The Iowa Federation of College Republicans held it’s 5th annual Christmas Troop care package drive on Saturday December 3rd. So the Iowa State College Republicans got the Iowa State Daily (our school paper) to write an article promoting our event and encouraging students to donate time or money (We raised over $400.00), from Monday the 28th to Friday the 2nd. We collected the donations all we in our memorial union. Then we assembled the care packages on the 3rd. On Monday we came back to school to see a radical leftist lecturer, spouting his views in a letter to the editor in The Daily (Which he has every right to do). He attacked us for supporting the troops, and hating the poor, as you can see in the link. He twisted our intentions and purpose for the gain of attacking Republicans in a below the belt blow, and the chance to spout his left wing hate. But we are concerned about the bias of this lecturer and how he may take this out on conservative students. Our past chair was accused and acquitted of plagiarism, by another English instructor for writing a paper that wasn’t left leaning, and was the antithesis of the instructors views.  I have Since written a letter that is slated to be published on Thursday in The Daily, The thiowarepublican.com will also be publishing a story today, along with me being on WHO Radio Des Moines 1040 AM today around 4:30 on the Simon Conway Show to discuss this attack. Our chair has put out an email to our over 800 strong email list, asking to get over 100 letters to the editor sent in over the next few days about this issue, and condemning the attack on supporting troops, “which is not a partisan issue,” Stephen Quist ISU College Republican Chairman. This is just one more example of College Campuses Left wing bias that we fight everday here.

Iowa is getting more than its fair share of left wing profs indoctrinating students, from a prof telling University of Iowa College Republicans to Go F*ck themselves to Grinnell College Organizing Students to disrupt Michael Bachmann campaign events, to this we are continuing the fight.

When the response gets published I will attack a link to it as well.