Ohio Redistricting

Right off the bat sorry, but I don’t know how to attach my map.

I played around with Ohio I found the best way to shed 2 seats. We need to combine OH-16, OH-10, and OH-13 (Renacci, Kucinich, Sutton). This District that I propose went for Obama by just under 2% so we can hold it but it will be expensive.  The way I did this was to expand OH-11 to pick up as much of OH-10 as possible. OH-9 Marcy Kaptur’s district will need to shed much of the Western Toledo area, and become much thinner, as it follows Lake Erie. It stretched all the way to Elyria and Lorain. OH-14 Steve LaTourette’s district will pick up the most moderate areas of OH-17 and OH-11, and will be about even for McCain v Obama. Then OH-17 (Which of course will have a new number) will lose some area to OH-14, and will be Niles and Youngstown then get very skinny, and run to Kent and pick up much of Akron. This I believe will be the best way for Ohio to redistrict, it forces out one dem, and then gives us a a swing district with a Republican and a Dem in it and will be more favorable in almost any circumstance then it was in ’08 so we can hold it.