Charles Djou's Campaign Strategy.

“I will bring an independent approach to a Washington polarized between political extremes. Hawai‘i needs a bi-partisan congressional delegation that can talk with both sides of the aisle. Hawai‘i needs active representation. I look forward to earning your trust.” From Charles Djou’s announcement for his 2012 Congressional bid.

This is wrong, its conviction less, passionless, and devoid of emotion (Frankly we are tired of hearing it). I have always thought let moderates exist were only a moderate can win. But having said that there comes a time when they are too moderate and should be cast out of the party. Lincoln Chaffee would be a great example. Olympia Snowe, is border line for me I think since the talk of primary challenges she has moved to the right a bit, which makes me satisfied with her. But I think someone needs to tell here this is it, run in 2012 then don’t even think about 2018. I have also long thought we need a set of negotiables lines that Republican politicians cannot cross.  Such as no new taxes as an example.

How this has to do with Congressman Djou, I’m Fine with bipartisanship. Some days it seems both sides try to make issues out of nothing in order to make gains. Make no controversial into controversial. But Congressman, please come out swinging with certain principles that you will not cross. There are many different types of independents (Blamers, moderate seekers, and those who want someone who says what they mean and mean what they say, to name a few). Let us on the Right know that you are with us where we really need you. Taking an unwavering stand on some issues is important, we are tired of passionless, invertebrates that will not stand a fight for something they believe in. I would love to see you back in Congress, but show everyone that you are will to fight for something. I don’t think that this will hurt you in anyway, but it can only hope, you must distinguish yourself, its why we lost so bad in 2006 why vote for Dem Lite when you can have a Democrat?

Listen, Give them Hell, be relentless, and Win.