Hawaii, The Voting Rights Act, and some food for thought.

Why doesn’t Hawaii have to submit its State Legislative districts to the Obama Justice Department, like other states do? By all means when you look at the break down of it’s population by race it should have to, 24% White, 2% Black, 38% Asian, 10% Pacific Islander, and 24% Mixed. The Voting Rights Act was put in place to “protect” minorities and let them chose a candidate of there own preference. In the case of Hawaii there is no majority, but whites are clearly a minority, shouldn’t they be protected in Hawaii, or shouldn’t the natives, or even the Asians? Should each of these racial breakdowns get so many seats in which they are the majority of voters in said seats? I really am just writing this as some food for thought. I think it would be interesting if someone would challenge Hawaii’s districts just to prove the errors in the Voting Rights Act. The Fact that the act is spurring on what little racism is left in America, is awful and why it needs to go. How is it fair for those who are not the protect minority that is made the majority in a VRA district? How legal would it be if a state (with 12 congressional seats and 25% Black population) made 3 Black districts at large, and only blacks could vote in those seats. If that state was say Georgia, is that right do blacks in Atlanta have the same concern as Blacks in Brunswick? I am sure that many people would have a problem with essentially segregated voting like I described there. I think we should just elect our representatives as Americans, and be done with this dumb idea of race being so important.