Rhode Island Redistricting

I wonder if Rhode Island have two at large districts (statewide districts) instead of two similar to what they have now, would benefit of hurt republicans? Personally I think it would be easier to recruit candidates. Plus it would be eaiser to gain senate seats if a house memeber is already elected statewide. Rhode Island is also so small, land wise (1,545 sq miles) and the smallest state in population (1,052,567) with two house members, that to me it seems it would be eaiser to have at large representives. What I have seen as possible names of challengers for Senator Sheldon Whitehouse in 2012 many currently live in the same district. Many of them sound like good candidates. It would be a shame if they all fought in a primary over a senate seat, then only one can go to a general election. I hope that some would try to run for a house seat instead then try to take on Jack Reed later. At Large districts could allow two candidates that are currently in the same district to advance to a general election and give us a better shot at gaining seats. Another advantage would be how we could match up against democrats. Someone who would normally be seperated by district boundries could be the strongest candidate against a certain democrat (Personallity reasons, back ground, ect). This may be a way that we could make up some ground in Rhode Island, without obviously gerrymandering.