Ensuring Representation

I’m sorry this may sound terrible, but I don’t mean it in that way at all.

Congresswoman Giffords cannot represent her constituents in her current state, and something needs to be done. It needs to be known how long before she can return to congress, if she even can return. If it isn’t able to within a few months she needs to resign, or be forced to. There needs to be a law protecting constituents, representation in congress. Forcing special elections after so long with out representation. I found it awful what Gov Patterson did in New York after Congressman Massa Resigned. The constituents were with out representation for almost 8 months, he was play political games and wasn’t looking out for 1/29 of his constituents. I think that 100 days is plenty of time for a special election.  In a case such as Congresswoman Giffords maybe we should have laws allowing a temporary seat filler, if she can return, if she cannot she needs to go because it is the right thing for voters. For any major tragedy (serve car accident, as in they are in a hospital for 6 months) or even major unexpected medical events (Cancer treatment), or anything that can hinder and elected official from doing their job. we need to have provision in place, to make sure we are represented. I would not have a problem if someone came out and said I can’t do my job for six months, fill my seat temporarily, then have rules regarding procedure for this.  Plus rules that would force a resignation of an elected official, without them resigning, after missing so many consecutive votes, or days not at there congressional office doing their job. To put it simply maybe we as constituents need a bill of rights.