Michigan Senate '12

I know this is going to sound awful but for Michigan Senate in 12. Ted Nugent! After seeing him in concert in Des Moines a few months ago I must say I found a new love for him after his song dedicated to President Obama. I realize that there will be a crowded primary, with the possibilities of former AG Cox, Former Congressman Hoekstra, Sec of State Lynn Land, and Former Governor Engler. But for Some reason I have to say I would love to Seeing Uncle Ted in the senate with some of the old gray hairs in the senate, and what would ensue. He is so out spoken we know where he stands. He isn’t going to flip flop. He will always be who he is evidence his rocker long hair which I doubt he would cut if he ran. And how much more conservative could we get? But sadly He is unelectable, even with Michigan moving to the right. But it would be truly amazing.