As a student at Iowa State University I get to deal with all the Chinese kids, the Kids from the burbs of Chicago, and of course the Minnesotans. The some of my friends in College Republicans from Illinois are always bragging (jokingly) about how politicians from their state steal more money before breakfast than ours steal in a term, or how good they are at rigging elections. I have recently started saying bull to one of those points saying, "hey I think our friend over there from Minnesota, his politicians are better at rigging elections, than you Illinoisans."

On that note. Thank god that we gained both houses the Minnesota State Legislature. Sadly we lost the Governors Mansion, in my opinion because of voter fraud. (And a filibuster proof Senate in 2008, I think Coleman won legitimately, Franken Illegitimately). The Legislature need to enact voter reform laws and fast. They need to get rid of the "Vouching" that allows someone to say, "yeah that person lives in this district," without any proof of residence. Then they need to figure out how to fix criminals from voting. Making sure that 5000 more people don’t vote in a precinct than are registered there. And make sure that the cemetery is not a extra apartment complex with people voting.

If Governor Dayton will not sign the bills. We can use it against him in 2014. Run adds saying, "In 2010 there were massive amounts of voter fraud allegations. When Governor Dayton was given the chance to enact new laws to prevent voter fraud he said no. Is Governor Dayton trying to steal elections with voter fraud? Why didn’t he sign the laws to prevent voter fraud?" An add like that could very well derail his election campaign.

But we must do this to help us in the future, and if it doesn’t pass we can use it against those who were against it.