Ideas for Redistricting

Some Districts need to be cut to be made more competitive, they may be almost impossible for a Republican to win, but it may for the DCCC use some resources there. Instead of other races. One such District is IA-3 Leonard Bosewell. Cook Rates it as D+1, but trends more left than that. Bosewell is on the DCCC’s chronically endangered list, and thus receives large amounts of aide each cycle. We need to have districts that lean one way but aren’t so far out of the way that it is impossible to win but it is improbable. And causes the DCCC to dump money into the race instead of somewhere else where it may be needed more.

This brings me to Missouri

if MO loses a seat eliminate MO-3 Russ Carnahan. Carnahan will probably run for LT Gov then Since LT Gov Kinder is going to vacate the seat to run against Governor Nixon. And I suspect he wants his Dad’s old Job as Governor. He will not challenge Nixon in a primary but it sets him up perfectly. If Nixon loses he challenges Kinder in four years, or waits another four years when Nixon will be done. But moving on, MO-5 Emanuel Cleaver D+10. If this could be cut to be more like D+5 it could cause a situation like IA-3 above. the 2010 results were 53-44. so if it was D+5, it would cause the DCCC to waste resources there instead of other districts that need the money.

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