Ohio Redistricting

So the current estimates I have heard are that Ohio is going to loose 2 seats.

Currently there are 13 Republicans to 5 Democrats.

The Five democratic districts are

OH-9 Marcy Kaptur (Toledo & Sandusky) Have this district gobble up the northern part of 13, mostly Lorain County? I’m not sure if that would even the district out, cede a part an area that is already a lost cause into a lost cause,  or take an area that would benefit a republican more if it was put somewhere else?

OH-10 Dennis Kucinich (Cleveland Area) All I can say is bye bye. Retire Dennis or force him into a primary battle. Throw this district into Ohio 9, parts into 13. (And correct me if I am wrong but there are some fairly conservative areas in this district?)

OH-11 Marcia Fudge (Cleveland Area) Combine this district and OH-10.

OH-13 Betty Sutton (Akron, Lorain, & Brunswick) completely redraw this area.

OH-17 Tim Ryan (Youngstown, Niles, & Kent) Then if we can get rid of this district as well give some red areas of this district to the red districts of Ohio-14, OH-6, & OH-16. Then throw the blue areas in with 13.

Overall looking at this it can be done many ways, its going to be hard, a mess and not fun. The harder I look into it the more dizzy I get. But what I’m sure of is when can get rid of One dem. I would love to hear y’alls your input. It will all be a mess, is what I’ve concluded, most good moves would have a bad move on the other side seems to be a one to one.