Pennsylvania Redistricting

Now that Republicans control Both cambers of the State Legislature and the Governor’s mansion we can really makes gain during the redistricting process. Pennsylvania is expected to loose one seat. We can knock off a few more libs because of this.

PA-12, Mark Critz. I say eliminate this district and put it into neighboring districts. This would make it so that almost all districts in the western part of the state would be significantly altered. But it would benefit us in many ways.

PA-4, Jason Altmire. Jason lives at the tip of this district, if the tip he lives in is cut into PA-14 (The liberal Pittsburgh area) and then move some of the neighboring district’s lines around Jason will either move or mount a primary challenge and lose either way. He Barely  scraped by in 2010 anyway. Plus Jason needs to be gotten rid of, if the Dems move to the center he is a future leader.

PA-17, Tim Holden. He is in a very Republican leaning district R+6. So we may just need to get a solid well funded candidate, how can win since the 10 candidate didn’t have the money he needed to win.

PA-13, Allyson Schwartz. This is a long shot district Cook rates it at D+7. Allyson did only win by 10 points in 10 so it could be cut and made into a possible gain. but since most districts around it are slightly democrat leaning but held by a Republican it is highly unlike to yield good results.