Texas Redistricting

I wonder if Texas can redistrict in a way that would be unfavorable to the following incumbents vulnerable: Llyod Doggett TX-25, Charlie Gonzalez TX-20, Silvestre Reyes TX-16, Henry Cuellar TX-28, Ruben Hinojosa TX-15.

TX-16 is El Paso a liberal Strong hold that Bush didn’t even win either time he was elected President. I wonder if you cut it in half North/South wise and had one district follow the Rio Grande for awhile and the other follow the New Mexico Boarder. The district went about 36% for the Republican Congressional Candidate.

TX-25 This contains Austin and the hippies that want to keep Austin weird. I wonder if it can just trade enough areas with neighboring districts to make it more competitive so maybe three or four districts contain parts of Austin.The district went about 45% for the Republican Congressional Candidate.

TX-20 If this district was essentially cannibalized to where all the surrounding districts took up small parts of the liberal areas. There are several Districts that already contain part of San Antone and its suburbs, maybe just cut them differently.  The District went about 35% for the Republican Congressional Candidate. While many of the surrounding districts were carried by republicans by over 60%. Except 2 districts: One neighboring district was just picked up by a republican (23), and one was held by a democrat (28).

TX-28 & TX 15 If the whole southern tip of Texas was reorganized (Including parts of TX-27 & TX-23) this could alter this in ways that would change the leanings of all the districts involved. In the whole of Texas these four districts are closest to even by Cook’s Partisan Voting Index (One Even(28), 1 R+2(27), 1 D+3(15), and 1 R+4(23)) TX-28 & TX-15 both went about 42% for the Republican Congressional Candidates. While Republicans gained TX-23 & TX-27. Two of theses Districs (23 & 28 take parts of San Antone)

Plus Texas is estimated to gain 4 seats some of my ideas above would be aided depending on how those 4 new districts would be inserted into what is already there.