Green Industrial Complex's Smart Grid And Control Roll Along

Energy companies across America are reaching full implementation of the installation of Smart Meters to every American home and building.  Smart Meters are replacing outdated energy meters in the hopes of curbing energy demands.  They will work hand in hand with the coming Smart Grid that will replace the overloaded electric grid this country now maintains.  This all sounds good in the hands of a small, unintrusive government.  But in the hands of a government that is seeking and gaining control over vast areas of our lives, this is a scary proposition.  I started researching the Smart Grid right after Obama came into office and I uncovered some startling information.

First, keep in mind that this change over has been financed by the federal government via the Porkulus Bill.  Progress Energy, which provides for the energy needs in Florida and the Carolinas, writes about their change over, “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signed into law in February 2009 contains provisions promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, including $11 billion for Smart Grid-related technologies, $6.3 billion for energy-efficiency and conservation grants and $2 billion in tax credits for the purchase of plug-in electric vehicles.”

Secondly, while this country needs to update our energy grid for new technology and demands, at the heart of this implementation is the promotion of global warming/climate change.  The Green Industrial Complex, which is my term for the green economy, global warming theory pushers, etc., has been organized to gain control over our lives.  Bloggers and Glenn Beck have revealed over the past two years various portions of this Green Industrial Complex.  There are the green jobs, the construction regulations, the updates required of homeowners before they can sell an outdated home, the population controls they desire to push on us (who can forget Science Czar John Holdren pushing mass sterilization and forced abortions), the push to ban offshore drilling and more increases in taxes.

Then there is the information I researched on GE and the Smart Grid back in February 2009 and here is some of what I discovered:

 I looked up something called the Federal Smart Grid Task Force and found the usual government departments a part of it like the EPA and different parts of the DOE, but it was a little unsettling to see Department of Homeland Security and Department of Defense.  In the non-conspiratorial section of my brain, I thought, “My goodness if some outside entity gets ahold of this grid they could shut down America because everything would be connected.”  Thus the need for Defense and Homeland Security to be involved.

But what if the threat is not outside of America and were internal, say the government itself.  The Energy website also provides a guide to the Smart Grid, The Smart Grid: An Introduction. A general reading makes the whole project sound great, but if you let your brain let you go where my brain goes sometimes you will notice the following items:

*”Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) – is an approach to integrating consumers based upon the development of open standards.  It provides consumers with the ability to use electricity more efficiently and provides utilities with the ability to detect problems on their systems and operate them more efficiently.  AMI enables consumers-friendsly efficiency concepts like “Prices to Devices” to work like this”  Assuming that energy is priced on what it costs in near real-time –a Smart Grid imperative –price signals are relayed to “smart” home controllers or end-consumer devices like thermostats, washers/dryers and refrigerators –the home’s major energy users. (They will be connected to all your appliances!)  The devices in turn process the information based on consumers’ learned wishes and power accordingly.” (What if this were the government’s wishes?)

*The platform for this will be built on Google Earth which can now see our homes and us from anywhere.

*”The adoption of the Smart Grid will enhance every facet of the electric delivery system including generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.  It will energize those utility initiatives that encourage consumers to modify patterns of electricity, usage, including the timing and level of electricity demand…It will offer a two-way visibility and control of energy usage.”  (Two-way?!  That is them controlling your electricity usage.)

* The Smart Grid will exploit the use of green building standards to help lighten the load.  (They are telling the auto industry what to make, now construction will be told what to build.)

* The Smart Grid will be motivating, enabling real-time communication between the consumer and utility so consumers can tailor their energy consumption based on individual preferences, like price and/or environmental concerns.  (I’m envisioning a little box that sets off an alarm in your house when the price is going up or you are ruining the environment.  My folks already have a box like this in their home that was installed years ago that controls alot of their energy consumption based on their desires – what if that were in government hands?)

*The Smart Grid is green, slowing the advance of global climate change and offering a genuine path toward significant environmental improvement.  (And there is the global warming propaganda.)

People need to inform themselves by visiting the websites of their energy companies and find out their plans for Smart Meters. Alabama Power plans to have their Smart Meter changeover completeted by the end of 2010 and I believe Progress Energy has the same goal.

 Here is GE’s Smart Grid website. This site states, “If you were to visualize the current grid, you might look at it as a star, with energy and information flowing in one direction from the center—from utilities to end users. The smart grid of the future will reflect the way we live today. It will act much more like an interactive web, or “energy Internet,” with two-way communication, multi-directional power flow, and closed-loop automation at its core.”  GE is a corporation walking hand in hand with the Obama administration.  I have done several posts at my previous blog about Jeff Immelt, GE CEO, and the General Electric company.  A key point to keep in mind is that Jeff Immelt is on Obama’s economic team.  And do not forget that GE has been the parent company to NBC Universal.  That is why they host so many “green weeks”.  GE is at the top of the Green Industrial Complex.

Here is the government’s Smart Grid website.  They have completed 91 projects towards implementation thus far.  In April, the President announced $100 million for Smart Grid Workforce Training and Development.  Are any of you as uneasy about a Smart Grid Task Force as I am?  Perhaps a part of that well-funded Civilian Corp?  There is also a link at this site to Broadband.gov, which I assume is part of net neutrality.  Oh looky here, broadband and the smart grid. 

The Smart Grid was slated to be completed within twenty years.  I believe that was three years ago, but with Smart Meter installation reaching completion, major parts of the Smart Grid will already be in place and I imagine that very soon the government will be able to control the very inner workings within your home.  This gives the idea of Big Brother even more validity.  Anybody else want to join me and John Galt on our island?

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